When the Fancy Dress Theme is ‘Anything but Clothes…’

Happy November!

I hope all enjoyed the spooky celebrations over the last few days, we certainly did!

My friend Lolly shares her birthday with Halloween and as you can imagine she always plans a super fun fancy dress party. This year’s theme was ABC (Anything but Clothes).

But as it is illegal to rock a birthday suit on a night out we had to come up with a plan.

After witnessing this fancy dress theme on sports night’s at university, I thought it would be easy – yay for a Twister mat dress.

Boy was I wrong… My boyfriend Alex needed a costume too and so we scratched our heads and browsed Pinterest (of course) and came up with this idea.

Asda were kind enough to provide us with lots of cardboard boxes to help make our creation. Then after a couple of hours of spray paint, parcel tape, glue and of course lots of love, our Lego friends were born…

Lego Costume

Lego Fancy Dress

Lego Fancy Dress Costume
We obviously had to make a set of IDs too…
Lego Fancy Dress Costume

As you can imagine, we got quite a few comments about our costumes from fellow party goers outside the bar, including people sharing their love for Legoland!

It was so fun to make the costumes and wear them out and despite bending the rules slightly, by wearing leggings/trousers to preserve our dignity, we were over the moon to have won the prize ‘best dressed’ (Lolly, you cutie!)


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever dressed up as? I’d love to know, leave a comment or tweet me.

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