A Winter’s Walk at Rufford Abbey Country Park

Having 10 days off in a row at Christmas is complete bliss. It’s a time when too many calories are consumed and we easily forget which day of the week it is. So today we ventured out to Rufford Abbey Country Park to blow off the cob webs and admire the stunning views which came hand in hand with the winter sunshine…

Rufford Abbey Country Park, Nottinghamshire

Half of the lake was frozen over, so it’s a shame we forgot our ice skates ;)!

Of course we fed the hungry ducks and geese (you’re never too old for this activity).

Rufford Abbey Country Park, Nottinghamshire

Rufford Abbey Country Park, Nottinghamshire

Rufford Abbey Country Park, Nottinghamshire

On the way home we followed the winding country roads and chased the stunning sunset.

Sunset, Nottinghamshire

Despite the cold, (the temperature barely exceeded zero), we had a lovely afternoon and it gave me a chance to check out my brand new Jawbone activity tracker – stay tuned for an upcoming review!

Have you been to Rufford Abbey Country Park before? Did you brave the cold this Christmas?


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  1. These photos are lovely! I have taken so many walks this Christmas to apreciate my countryside home before I go back to living in the middle of a city for university. I always think the light in winter in beautiful which makes for some gorgeous sunsets whih you’ve captured brilliantly.
    Kate xx

    1. Aww I did exactly the same when I was at university. I live by the south coast so made sure I took loads of photos and spent lots of time outside before going back to Sheffield. Thank you for your lovely comment Kate xx

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