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A picture may say a thousand words, but in this case a thousand words would never be enough…

Living by the beach is a gift I will never take for granted. Whether a storm is developing far out on the horizon, the summer sun is beating down on the beach goers below, or when the weak winter’s rays are blending into a beautiful mid afternoon sunset, the beach is my oasis.

Which is partly why I wanted to start the tag ‘This is My Home’. I speak to so many amazing bloggers almost on a daily basis and despite having not met them yet, I feel like I know a lot about them. But with so many of the girls being dotted around the country and indeed across the world, in places I’ve not yet been to, it would be amazing to see where they’re from and what they love the most about their hometown. Hence why the tag ‘This is My Home’ was born.

The snaps below were taken this morning on a blissful Sunday morning when the beach was almost deserted with barely a cloud in the sky…










I hope that through these stunning pictures of the beach you can understand just a fraction of why I love living here so much and why my boyfriend is so happy to have moved down to Dorset and now calls the south coast, ‘home’ too…

Now for the bit which involves you girls, I tag:

Lauren & Rachel







I can’t wait to see your posts girls! If any of my lovely readers have been to Bournemouth, leave me a comment or tweet me – I would love to know what you got up to!


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    1. Well that’s not true! I am sure you have places where you love spending time and are proud to call it your home. Doesn’t have to be outside even, just where you feel most at home and what makes you happy 🙂 I can’t believe I started a tag yay! Thanks so much, I can’t wait to read your post. I think we will have to make a resolution for 2016 to arrange a weekend meet! xxx

      1. Oh Charlotte trust us haha! I shall take a picture of my bedroom, that’s where I feel at home ;)! It’s a great idea for a tag and yes for sure! Will be hard to organise but I’m sure we’ll thank of something! – L xxxx

  1. Awww I am so jealous! I love the beach and wish I lived near one! Your photos are amazing and I was green this morning (not because I was hungover after one too many cocktails, haha) but because I was green with envy of you eating pastries on the beach!! Pastries and the beach??!! Match made in heaven!! Thanks so much for tagging me, I am so excited to do this tag.

    Sarah xx

    1. There are many other beautiful places in the world that aren’t on a beach and as you know I’ve never been to Scotland so I am soooo excited to see your post! Can’t believe I’ve invented a tag, I hope it continues 😉 xxxx

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