The First Weekend of Spring

Sunday is funday and at the weekend my boyfriend, his family and I took a little trip to a gorgeous Abbey in Nottinghamshire…

With spring in full swing (sorry ;)) we set out on a mini adventure in search of somewhere to take a stroll beside the flowers in bloom.

We set our sights on Newstead Abbey, which was built in the twelfth century and once home to world-renowned poet, Lord Byron. I am so glad we did because I love going to new places, and it is somewhere I could visit again and again.

On entering the grounds, it was soon clear that the medieval architecture and tranquil Garden Lake were to become the perfect backdrop for some fresh air and a glorious walk in the sunshine.

What’s more, the wildlife definitely seemed to agree with us, or should I say we agreed with them as the grounds are home to so many geese, swans and peacocks.

For those of you who enjoy cultural outings or learning something new (I know I do), be sure to spend some time reading the beautiful poem Lord Byron dedicated to his beloved dog Boatswain, near to the Spanish themed gardens.

Admittedly, I am not the best at differentiating between different types of flowers and trees, but the perfectly manicured American, French and Rose gardens to name just a few, were something to be marvelled at. Plus we were completely in awe of the stunning array of waterfalls that compliment the Abbey’s parkland and the stepping stones definitely added to the magic.

I am quite an outdoorsy person and find it a real struggle living in the city away from the beach in my hometown, so it felt soooo good to finally shake off winter and take a seat amongst the grass for the first picnic of the year.

All in all Newstead Abbey is definitely one for all the family, especially as there is plenty of space for flying kites, ball games, picnics and even a play park for the children.

Check out just a handful of the gorgeous pictures we took below and decide for yourself, but I can strongly recommend Newstead Abbey as a brilliant choice for a day out, especially for the Easter period (check opening times).

Let me know if you decide to visit Newstead Abbey or suggest some of your favourite walks in England, in the comment box or tweet me.


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