Mini Lush Easter Haul

My little sister is asking questions about Father Christmas, but she’s yet to raise her suspicious about the Easter bunny.

So when ‘he’ comes into the garden to hide delicious chocolate treats, all of us, adult or not, love getting on our hands and knees to look high and low for something in a shiny wrapper!

Easter also signifies that the warm summer months and long, gorgeous BBQ evenings are well and truly on their way.

The flowers and blossoms colour the gardens and the new born animals are cuter than ever! Click hereย to read my post on White Post farm and to squeal over the sweetest pictures of lambs and little chicks.

But of course we must not forget that just before Easter, Lush release some Spring-time goodness!

I popped into my local store for some treats and came away with these beauties…

Golden Egg

Not to be confused with the scrummy Galaxy Golden Eggs which have graced the shelves and lined our stomach’s already this year…

This toffee-scented bath bomb melt is a silky delight and just handling the egg makes me excited to use this product, simply because it leaves a trail of glitter EVERYWHERE… How princess like!

Fluffy Egg

In appearance, this girly bath bomb reminds me so much of the Lush classic, Think Pink, however this one smells of all kinds of sweets and candy goodness.

Which Came First?

I believe this one has simply been renamed following its previous years as ‘Immaculate Eggception’. However I love the new name, hinting towards the dumbfounding question, which came first? The egg or the chicken?

Priced at just under ยฃ7 you might wince slightly at the price tag, but for Lush lovers, it’s definitely worth it, as this HUGE egg splits into three (you could pretty much do some light weights with it haha, I mean look at the size difference!) – perfect for a trio of luxury baths.

While the little chick inside doesn’t reeeeaallyy resemble a chick, the mini bath bomb inside is still adorable and smells fruitilicious (is this even a word?).

The whole Easter range is a must-have, and I was a tiny bit heartbroken walking away from Humpty Dumpty (a brand new lush invention!!) but the lady in the shop advised me that the What Came First, which is equally priced, ‘works better’ allowing the hidden surprise to just pop out once the egg has been cracked!

Have you picked up any Lush goodies recently? Let me know which bath bombs you’re LOVING at the moment and leave me a comment.

Did you read my sister’s review on the Frozen bath bomb?

Here’s what I made of the Magic Wand Bubble Bar.

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          1. I’ve still got a whole box fgrom Christmas haha. my mam bought me a HUGE set of 10 so I’ve got like 7 left haha and half a bubble bar that again I got for xmas. I cant help myself when it comes to lush products xx

  1. I love the look of What Came First, but I’ve not tried it, or much from the Easter range (if any actually!) I’ve picked up a few bits from the Valentines and Mother’s Day range though; Prince Charming and Ladybird to name a few! (Sorry if this posted twice!)

  2. Hey lovely!

    It’s been so long since we’ve had a catch up so I had to pop by your blog and see what you’ve been up to! Hope things are good with you!

    Weirdly enough…I didn’t get much from the Lush Easter Range. My brother got me the Lush Great Balls of Bicarb tube (very generous Easter gift!) and I still have so much left from my massive Christmas Haul! My sister did get me the Flowering Tea reusable bubble bar (I’m sure that was part of the Mothers Day range) so I’m excited to try that!

    Sarah xx

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