Firework Night at Sherborne Castle

I hope you all had a lovely firework weekend and are starting to feel truly festive – cue the Christmas tunes!

To celebrate bonfire night we decided to head 40 miles into the countryside and spend the day and evening in Sherborne, Dorset.

Whatever the season, there’s something magical about getting into a car, driving into the countryside and taking in the beautiful views as they roll over the horizon.

Once we arrived in Sherborne we found that we were so lucky with the weather (although it was very, VERY chilly) and enjoyed a stroll around the town and wander in the Abbey.


Costa Christmas Cup

After resting our legs with an obligatory Costa (I recommend the honeycomb latte (ohemgeeee)!), we went for a walk in the fields just outside the castle…

Sherborne Countryside


Sherborne Dorset

As the sun set we made our way into the grounds of Sherborne Castle where we met our friends for an evening of live music, fireworks and a bonfire.

The grounds were stunning and before even a single fuse had been lit, I just knew that the lake would be a magical addition to the overall firework display. While the lake reflected the colours of the fireworks, the bonfire created breathtaking silhouettes of the trees with its mighty orange glow.

Sherborne Fireworks

Sherborne Fireworks

Sherborne Castle

There was so much to do, including fair ground rides, hook a duck (we won a super cute monkey teddy!) and plenty to choose from when it came to food! I had a delicious Nutella crepe, a classic combo, but there were SOO many different options including Tia Maria and butterscotch!

Overall we were really impressed by the whole event, especially as the firework display itself lasted more than 20 minutes! So if you live in or near Dorset and fancy going somewhere different to your local display, we can definitely recommend the beautiful location, Sherborne Castle.

We love exploring new places up and down the country, let me know in the comments if you recommend anywhere special!

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