JewelleryBox Review

Hi everyone! Welcome to twentysomethingxo and welcome back if you’ve been here before! This is weird because I am actually writing the introduction to this blog post, after I have written everything else, edited the pictures and added the tags etc. I was just too excited to get stuck in and share my love for jewellerybox with you!


Jewellerybox are an online retailer based in South London with a passion for beautiful sterling silver and 9ct gold jewellery at amazing prices, check out their website to see for yourself! They’ve taken the world by storm and although they’ve not even celebrated their second birthday yet, the jewellery company are already shipping worldwide!

So as you can imagine, when Gemma from the team contacted me*, my heart skipped a beat. I’ve seen their gorgeous packages, these scrumptious mini pegs and stylish little striped thread pop up on my Twitter & Instagram feed too many times to count.

I first heard about them through my two favourite sister bloggers, The Flower that Blooms, when they wrote about their new quirky and adorable dinosaur necklaces!

box again

As soon as I ripped the brown paper revealing the cutest four little parcels inside, I knew that from start to finish jewellerybox were an all round lovely company to have the pleasure of working with. Thought, love, care, pride, and a personal touch went into every single step of the experience. From Gemma and the team ensuring that my ring size was perfect, to matching me up with pieces which I would instantly fall for, to being spot on with communication and delivery, I can’t recommend the retailer enough!

Anyway, onto the jewellery itself… Silver has always been my go to metal for all things pretty and I was over the moon to have received such lovely pieces!

The first surprise were these dainty, stud earrings with a heavenly light sapphire blue crystal. I’ve never had a pair of Andralok earrings before (see the full style here), but was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and secure they feel. After a little Googling (as you do) I discovered that this type of earring back was invented for those who preferred to wear jewellery without small components, genius hey?! Plus, sometimes when I wear butterfly backs I have to admit that I can put them on too tight, so these make a refreshingly gorgeous change!

blue studs edited lighht

What I like most about the rings is that they are elegant, simplistic and go best when stacked on one finger. I’ve so fallen in love with my little combination of a classic silver band and infinity symbol, that I have barely taken them off since I first laid eyes on them! 🙂

The adjustable style is ideal for me. Being so precious, yet so small I always worry that rings may fall off, but this element is a dream come true as I can tighten and loosen the rings for the perfect fit.


Finally these white teardrop studs are so angelic, their beauty speaks for themselves. I’ve got a few exciting events coming up and this sophisticated pair coupled with my stunning new rings are my favourite new accessories!

tear studs

Thanks so much to the lovely Gemma and the team at jewellerybox for spoiling me! Come pay day I will be popping back on the website to add a few more pieces to my collection. 🙂

Have you got any lovely pieces from jewellerybox? If you’ve written about them please link me in the comments box. Also, I would love to hear which pieces from the collection you have added to your wishlist!

*I was gifted this jewellery to feature on my blog and all opinions are my own. 

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Mini Lush Easter Haul

My little sister is asking questions about Father Christmas, but she’s yet to raise her suspicious about the Easter bunny.

So when ‘he’ comes into the garden to hide delicious chocolate treats, all of us, adult or not, love getting on our hands and knees to look high and low for something in a shiny wrapper!

Easter also signifies that the warm summer months and long, gorgeous BBQ evenings are well and truly on their way.

The flowers and blossoms colour the gardens and the new born animals are cuter than ever! Click here to read my post on White Post farm and to squeal over the sweetest pictures of lambs and little chicks.

But of course we must not forget that just before Easter, Lush release some Spring-time goodness!

I popped into my local store for some treats and came away with these beauties…

Golden Egg

Not to be confused with the scrummy Galaxy Golden Eggs which have graced the shelves and lined our stomach’s already this year…

This toffee-scented bath bomb melt is a silky delight and just handling the egg makes me excited to use this product, simply because it leaves a trail of glitter EVERYWHERE… How princess like!

Fluffy Egg

In appearance, this girly bath bomb reminds me so much of the Lush classic, Think Pink, however this one smells of all kinds of sweets and candy goodness.

Which Came First?

I believe this one has simply been renamed following its previous years as ‘Immaculate Eggception’. However I love the new name, hinting towards the dumbfounding question, which came first? The egg or the chicken?

Priced at just under £7 you might wince slightly at the price tag, but for Lush lovers, it’s definitely worth it, as this HUGE egg splits into three (you could pretty much do some light weights with it haha, I mean look at the size difference!) – perfect for a trio of luxury baths.

While the little chick inside doesn’t reeeeaallyy resemble a chick, the mini bath bomb inside is still adorable and smells fruitilicious (is this even a word?).

The whole Easter range is a must-have, and I was a tiny bit heartbroken walking away from Humpty Dumpty (a brand new lush invention!!) but the lady in the shop advised me that the What Came First, which is equally priced, ‘works better’ allowing the hidden surprise to just pop out once the egg has been cracked!

Have you picked up any Lush goodies recently? Let me know which bath bombs you’re LOVING at the moment and leave me a comment.

Did you read my sister’s review on the Frozen bath bomb?

Here’s what I made of the Magic Wand Bubble Bar.

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Can You Guess My New Favourite Shop?

Tiger is a store you can’t not buy something from whenever you step foot inside. It’s a little like the Primark home section or the stationary table in Accessorize, it’s an unwritten rule.

So after the Danish design store popped up in my home town a few months ago, I fell in love, my Mum fell in love and some of my friends have fallen in love. From quirky and a little bit cheeky secret santa/birthday presents, to party props, games, eye-catching stationary, must-have cooking utensils and stylish exercise equipment, there really is something for everybody.

I’m sure even the heart condoms which they’re selling just in time for Valentines Day, will find a suitable home too…

…Anyway working in the centre of town does have some amazing benefits, including the opportunity for a quick lunchtime shop to break up the day! Last week I headed to Tiger and picked up some cute items which I’d had my eye on, and thought I’d share them with you.

notepadpencilsbrightFirst up, these pens, yep PENS, are so adorable, I just had to have them the second I saw them, because you know what, you absolutely cannot have enough stationary. Plus there is just something so very satisfying about writing with a nice pen, am I right? Or am I weird? Let me know in the comment box haha!

There were actually three in a pack, but I gave one to my little sister who was also amazed, at the pens in disguise situation (simple minds hey!?). What I also need to mention is just how affordable Tiger is too! These pens were £2 for the set, which is a price you’d probably definitely be paying at least double in other places on the high street.


Next are these gorgeous passport covers (£2 each), the scenic one for my boyfriend Alex, and the spotty one for me. These are definitely a nice-to-have item as I don’t normally travel enough to need to protect my passport haha, but when we popped into the shop over the Christmas period I saw them and they never left my wishlist. As I explained in my new years resolution post, Alex and I would both love to travel more, with Paris being first on the list of destinations. We’ve got a few other places in mind, which you will hear about in the future too, no doubt!

skippingrope2skippingropeFinally, I bought a skipping rope (£4). But not just any skipping rope, one which counts how many you do (because sometimes it’s nice to give your brain a rest and not have to count), but also one which is specially designed to be easily adjustable, robust and due to the plastic it’s made of, it’s difficult to get caught in a tangle. Although generally, skipping ropes are associated with little girls and playgrounds, skipping is actually one of my favourite parts of a circuits class. Perhaps because I can actually keep up the pace, or maybe because it takes my mind back to junior school. If you are looking to incorporate some exercise into your busy lifestyle, it’s worth making a trip to Tiger because in addition to their fancy skipping ropes they also have kettle bells, yoga mats, elastic belts, sports bottles and weights. You could probably buy yourself a home gym in one visit, so happy shopping! 🙂

You can find your local Tiger Store here, and make sure you check out their Twitter & Instagram too! I know come pay day, I’m going to have to make another little visit!

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Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar Review 

First of all, IT’S SO PRETTY!!!

It would have been the completely wrong thing to do if had left the Lush store in Bournemouth without it.

It’s pink, sparkly, has a cute bow and even cuter jingly bell, what more could a girl want?!
Plus it smells absolutely divine! I paraded it around the house for everyone to try the scent and my little sister, who reviewed Lush’s Frozen bath bomb here, claimed that it reminded her of slush puppies.

It does indeed smell divine, predominantly of bubblegum, and I can’t believe how long the scent filled the bathroom and lasted on my skin for!

Now for the ‘reusable’ element, I have used the Magic Wand Bubble Bar twice now and with a little rationing I am sure that I could stretch it out to four in total.

If you like your baths completely Lush-tastic and really enriched with the store’s magic, then you may only be able to use the bubble bar three times.

I also found that if you genuinely wave the Magic Wand like a fairy up and down your bath in the water, rather than running it under the tap, it will last a lot longer with less pressure.

At £5.25 it is definitely one of Lush’s pricier bath products, but every girl deserves to have someone wave a magic wand so that they can feel like a princess every now and again don’t they? 🙂

So you’re looking for a stocking filler, or after a beautiful present to complete your secret Santa gift, this Magic Wand Bubble Bar will add so much sparkle!

Also I would like to take this opportunity to give a massive shout out to two ladies… Ami Ford, whose beautiful blog you can see here and AnneMarie who you can follow on instagram here who both guessed which bubble bar I was using, just from a picture of the bubbles! You girls are definitely Lush queens!

Have you used this Magic Wand Bubble Bar? Let me know what you thought of it! Also I would love to hear which Lush products are on your Christmas list this year! You can leave me a comment or tweet me.

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