Can You Guess My New Favourite Shop?

Tiger is a store you can’t not buy something from whenever you step foot inside. It’s a little like the Primark home section or the stationary table in Accessorize, it’s an unwritten rule.

So after the Danish design store popped up in my home town a few months ago, I fell in love, my Mum fell in love and some of my friends have fallen in love. From quirky and a little bit cheeky secret santa/birthday presents, to party props, games, eye-catching stationary, must-have cooking utensils and stylish exercise equipment, there really is something for everybody.

I’m sure even the heart condoms which they’re selling just in time for Valentines Day, will find a suitable home too…

…Anyway working in the centre of town does have some amazing benefits, including the opportunity for a quick lunchtime shop to break up the day! Last week I headed to Tiger and picked up some cute items which I’d had my eye on, and thought I’d share them with you.

notepadpencilsbrightFirst up, these pens, yep PENS, are so adorable, I just had to have them the second I saw them, because you know what, you absolutely cannot have enough stationary. Plus there is just something so very satisfying about writing with a nice pen, am I right? Or am I weird? Let me know in the comment box haha!

There were actually three in a pack, but I gave one to my little sister who was also amazed, at the pens in disguise situation (simple minds hey!?). What I also need to mention is just how affordable Tiger is too! These pens were £2 for the set, which is a price you’d probably definitely be paying at least double in other places on the high street.


Next are these gorgeous passport covers (£2 each), the scenic one for my boyfriend Alex, and the spotty one for me. These are definitely a nice-to-have item as I don’t normally travel enough to need to protect my passport haha, but when we popped into the shop over the Christmas period I saw them and they never left my wishlist. As I explained in my new years resolution post, Alex and I would both love to travel more, with Paris being first on the list of destinations. We’ve got a few other places in mind, which you will hear about in the future too, no doubt!

skippingrope2skippingropeFinally, I bought a skipping rope (£4). But not just any skipping rope, one which counts how many you do (because sometimes it’s nice to give your brain a rest and not have to count), but also one which is specially designed to be easily adjustable, robust and due to the plastic it’s made of, it’s difficult to get caught in a tangle. Although generally, skipping ropes are associated with little girls and playgrounds, skipping is actually one of my favourite parts of a circuits class. Perhaps because I can actually keep up the pace, or maybe because it takes my mind back to junior school. If you are looking to incorporate some exercise into your busy lifestyle, it’s worth making a trip to Tiger because in addition to their fancy skipping ropes they also have kettle bells, yoga mats, elastic belts, sports bottles and weights. You could probably buy yourself a home gym in one visit, so happy shopping! 🙂

You can find your local Tiger Store here, and make sure you check out their Twitter & Instagram too! I know come pay day, I’m going to have to make another little visit!

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  1. I love Tiger too, I was so amazed when I first stepped into one! And of course, you can’t come out without buying anything, even if it’s a little animal-shaped pencil rubber!! 🙂 You’ve picked up some cute things, and I love the pens disguised as pencils! Great post Charlotte 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks Leonni! Haha yeah they were just so irresistible! 😉 I know there’s cute shops online like it, but I love going into store and looking/touching/playing with everything too 🙂 thanks for your comment xxxx

    1. Oh you girls! Where is your nearest one? I have my mum to thank, she got me the cutest beads for my blog photos and said they were from this ‘amazing new shop in town’ and from then I’ve been hooked haha xxxx

    1. That is literally spot on! I am going there for all my future presents, I should probably warn all my family and friends that their future gifts will be Tiger-fied 😉 thank you for your comment xxxx

  2. I miss Tiger, I used to have one a bit more local and used to love the random quirky little bits you could pick up. I love the look of the pens, I can’t get over the fact they aren’t pencils!

    Kristy |

    1. I know haha, i thought it was just me who was obsessing over them, thinking how darn cool they were. Glad to see someone is on the same page 😉 What happened to your store? Did you move or did it close? :/ thanks for your comment! 🙂 xxxx

  3. I didn’t realise there were tiger stores in the UK?? I went into a store in prague last year and fell in love and bought so many random pretty things. I don’t think I’ve skipped since I was in primary school, I’m inspired to give it a go (maybe when its a little less chilly tho :)!) xxx

  4. I love Tiger too! They always have really cute stuff. I love the range they have too, there is something for everyone. The pens you picked up are adorable!

  5. I love Tiger so much! They sell s many wonderful and unusual things, the only thing I don’t like is the lay out of their store! The one here is a big zig zag and no isles so you have to walk around the whole shop! But I do love their stationary and candles in there, I love the pens, they look so fun and cute!

    Laura | Laura Likes Beauty xx

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