About Me

Hello there!

Thank you for taking the time to pop by twentysomethingxo, my little blog dedicated to recording my beauty favourites, local and global adventures, hopes and dreams and everything I love in between.

You’ll probably notice a theme if you are a regular reader (if that’s you, reading this, THANK YOU! The comments, tweets, likes and messages of love for my posts really do mean the world to me), I live in a town called Bournemouth on the South Coast, home to seven miles of the most beautiful golden sand and try to explore the Great Outdoors as much as possible (as long as I know that I can come home to my warm bed at the end of the day – tents I believe should be reserved for festivals only!), I’m not quite Bear Grylls!

I also get way too excited about nail varnish, products with quotes on and discovering new moisturisers (I must have a record breaking collection!)

Now for a little history…

I started my blog to keep my love of writing alive after leaving university, now that I am in my second year of blogging, it has become something much more amazing than simply an online diary. I have made many new friends on and offline, been to some fantastic events and learnt and improved many skills. It’s a platform which enabled me to secure my job and hopefully will continue to lead to many wonderful experiences.

twentysomethingxo originally started as a cringey website made with just a combination of HTML, CSS and my domain. I then decided I would love the support of wordpress, and have recently decided that now I want the full works and have gone self-hosted. WAHOOO!!! This is a very exciting new chapter for my blog, so please bear with me if you notice any technical hitches.

Thanks again for joining on me on my amazing journey of learning what exactly it means to be a “twenty something”.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xo