Goodbye January, Hello February…

It feels a little surreal to be writing my  January update post so soon, but this has honestly been one of the quickest months of my life. It only seems like last weekend we were celebrating the New Year at Orchardleigh Estate with some of our closest friends.

So much has happened in such a short space of time, so here’s a little update…

Little life update: January 2017, white writing and a sunset at Lepe Beach

Starting my new job

After almost 18 months working in social media for a property company, I started the next chapter of my career and I am now an online marketing assistant at a digital agency. It was really sad to leave my colleagues at my old job and they bought me the most thoughtful leaving presents including the most gorgeous bunch of flowers and some bareMinerals lip sticks (one of my favourite brands in the whole world)!

I’m really enjoying learning new aspects of digital marketing and the team are lovely. I’m feeling so positive about the year ahead and January was the perfect time to start a new job, make new goals and plan for the future. Plus, my work-life balance has improved with working less hours and the fact I am still based in the centre of town means I can meet my amazing friend Sarah from Digital Motherhood on my lunch breaks (yay!).

Online learning

Last year I completed an online diploma in Social Media Marketing with Shaw Academy, and this month I started another in Digital Marketing. The beauty of it is, you can attend the webinars online in real time and you can also catch up with the videos on demand. There are two sessions a week and an assignment, before an online test at the end. I’ve learnt about so many different tools and terms relating to the online world and I really benefit from this style of learning, so can fully recommend them!

Top Tip: If you like their Facebook page, you can quite often get discounted (even free) courses (you just have to pay for the assignment in some cases) in something which interests you. For example you can do courses on everything from Nutrition to Beauty and Photography. Thanks for recommending Sarah!

heart on a beach near the shore

Spending time outdoors

My boyfriend Alex, bought me a step counter for Christmas and the accompanying Jawbone app is so addictive! It gives you little motivational notifications and I’ve enjoyed watching the steps increase. As well as hitting the gym and playing netball, we’ve been on a few lovely walks already this year.

Everyone who works a 9-5 job will know that during the week in winter, we rarely see daylight, unless we venture out into the miserable grey weather on our lunch hour. To combat this negativity, I’ve been making the most of each weekend and heading out on a walk. My most recent mini adventure was to Portland Bill Lighthouse, and I’ve also enjoyed family walks down the beach and along the river.

Giving up crisps

Yep. It’s official, for the second time in my 24 years on this planet, I’ve actually survived the whole of January without eating a packet of crisps. I’ve had a few ‘should I, shouldn’t I’ moments when I’ve come face to face with Monster Munch, Doritos and Hula Hoops at the supermarket, but I’ve not given in. Whether this is the placebo effect or not, I genuinely feel more alert because of it.

Alex has challenged me to give up ketchup for February (this is a huge deal. I took a bottle of Heinz on holiday once, just in case they didn’t have any in the hotel). I am seriously considering this, given that February is the shortest month (hehehe) and it wouldn’t hurt to avoid the sugar – watch this space!

Sunset, Lepe Beach, fields and lookout

Being more open-minded when it comes to watching TV/films

Whenever Alex asks what I’d like to watch on TV, he will tell you that 9/10 times my response is ‘anything as long as it’s funny’. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to depress myself/give myself nightmares with scary/sad films when I just want to chill out. Although if you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I’ve been broadening my horizons and watching space films. If you get me started, I’ll keep you up all night with questions and theories about the universe, the unknown and beyond is just so fascinating!

We’ve also just finished Walking the Americas with Levison Wood. Levison is a modern day explorer who has also gone on exciting, yet dangerous exhibitions along The Nile and in The Himalayas. I definitely recommend!

So what’s in store for February?

I love making plans and already have some super fun things lined up! This weekend, I am heading to London to see my best friend from university for a girly Saturday exploring, no doubt shopping and most definitely to drink some cocktails. On Sunday I’m meeting my netball girls to go and watch the England netball team play Australia (this will be amazing!).

Next weekend is my brother’s birthday, so we are planning on visiting him for a day and evening of celebrations. Then later in the month we are seeing Sue Perkins (from Mel and Sue!) with my family.

Finally, I’m hoping to keep my ‘summer bodies are made in winter’ commitment going with a few games of badminton, netball and the gym.

I really enjoyed writing my January update and taking a look back on the past month. So I’m really looking forward to making it a regular thing this year! Thanks so much for reading…

What are your January highlights? Do you have anything fun in store for February? Let me know in the comments or tweet me.

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