83 Things to Do on a Rainy Day

All week we look forward to the weekend and sometimes it can be a complete wash out thanks to the typical British weather! So I’ve put together a list of 83 things to do on a rainy day to give you a little inspiration… :).

Rain drops on a window, things to do on a rainy day

Of course, I’m writing this post on a grey and miserable Sunday in January, but it turns out this was actually a lot of fun, so already I’m winning…

  1. Catch up with your favourite YouTubers
  2. Record a video yourself
  3. Bake a cake – mmmmm!
  4. Declutter your wardrobe
  5. Donate some things to charity
  6. Try out a new makeup look
  7. Get organised for the week ahead
  8. Paint your nails, perhaps even some nail art
  9. Write a letter to a friend or family member
  10. Upcycle some furniture
  11. Print off your photos and pop them in an album
  12. Make a birthday card for your friend
  13. A spot of online shopping
  14. Skype a friend in another country
  15. Get ahead with your blog (if you’re a blogger of course – if not, why not start a blog?)
  16. Binge watch a boxset (like you need an excuse?)
  17. Book a day out or finally investigate that holiday you’ve been planning!
  18. Dig out your old video games
  19. Write a bucket list and research your next adventure
  20. Go out for a pub lunch
  21. Head to the cinema
  22. Go bowling
  23. Play some board games
  24. Check out a nearby waterpark (if you’re gonna get wet, it may as well be while you’re having fun)!
  25. Book a badminton or squash court with your friends
  26. Rearrange your bedroom furniture
  27. Give yourself a pamper, from head to toe. Think face masks, exfoliation and all the moisturising possible
  28. Practise a new hair style
  29. Go to a snooker hall
  30. Go for a drive, you don’t have to get out the car, but sometimes it’s nice just to listen to some music and drive along the coast or through the forest
  31. Start an online course (there’s so many deals and free ones out there! If you love learning new things, this is an exciting thing to do!)
  32. Make some music playlists, I’m thinking Disney, 00s and a chill out mix
  33. Clear your purse of all its receipts (boring but strangely therapeutic)
  34. Try some yoga
  35. Start a scrap book of your adventures
  36. Paint some pottery
  37. Bring your LinkedIn profile up to date (your future self will thank you!)
  38. Go to the driving range – you’ll be under cover and it’s surprisingly fun to hit some balls!
  39. Go and visit a pet store, just think of the cutie little bunny rabbits
  40. Invite some friends over to hang out
  41. Cook a new recipe for your family
  42. Do a puzzle
  43. Read a book or buy a magazine to catch up on the latest celeb gossip
  44. Download a new game for your phone or tablet
  45. In fact, download the Cooking Fever app (you’ll thank me later)
  46. Register all your loyalty cards cramming your purse and discover just how many treats you can buy with your points
  47. Plan a party for another weekend
  48. Visit a spa
  49. Go and get your hair/nails/eyebrows done
  50. Drive to a nearby town/city to go shopping somewhere different to your usual shopping centre
  51. Spend your 2ps in the arcade
  52. Grab your trainers and go to laser quest
  53. Clean your makeup brushes
  54. Start watching Friends from the beginning
  55. Find your old dance mat
  56. Challenge someone to a race on Mario Kart
  57. Make some deliciously healthy meals for the week ahead
  58. Do a social media cleanse (remove people who bring negativity to your feed, and unfollow those hundreds of club promoters who send you daily notifications)
  59. Practise a musical instrument (if you have one!)
  60. Burn some calories at a trampoline park
  61. Do some arts and crafts
  62. Colour a few pages in your colouring book
  63. Try some brain puzzles or Sudoku
  64. Search the internet for some new YouTubers to fall in love with
  65. Create an indoor herb garden
  66. Go to an aquarium
  67. Give indoor rock climbing a go
  68. Make a collage with your concert/show tickets (this would look super cool on your bedroom/office wall)
  69. Go to the Sporcle website and try a few quizzes
  70. Join in with a game of bingo (it’s actually so much fun)
  71. Watch a documentary on Channel 4 – they’re the best/quirkiest
  72. Write a poem or a story
  73. Look on Groupon or Table Pouncer for a seriously tasty afternoon tea deal/voucher
  74. Do a workout DVD
  75. Sell some things on eBay or Gum Tree
  76. Relax in the bath with a bubble bar or bomb
  77. Do a crossword
  78. Go out and buy a new board game
  79. Wrap up warm and go ice skating at an indoor rink
  80. Dip your toes in culture and visit a museum
  81. Round up your pals and go go-karting
  82. If you know the rain is coming in advance, you could book into an adult’s playzone (they really do exist!)
  83. Investigate some exciting plans for when the sun actually does shine. Read all about our visit to Portland Bill Lighthouse, when we made the most of the blue skies and dry weather.

I hope this has given you some inspiration when it comes to fun things to do on a rainy day. If you have any ideas to add, please let me know in the comments and I can extend the list and give you credit :).


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A Visit to Portland Bill Lighthouse

Happy Saturday Everyone! Today, the sun most definitely had its hat on and it made for the perfect weather for an adventure. We drove along the South Coast to Portland Bill Lighthouse which is near to Weymouth, on the Jurassic Coast.

I love spending our weekends visiting new places, especially when it means discovering somewhere exciting on our doorstep in Dorset. Today was no different, and in fact I don’t think I have ever climbed a lighthouse before – something to tick off a UK style bucket list.

Portland Bill Visitor Centre

What’s more, when I was younger, I wasn’t a huge fan of traipsing around museums for hours on end, but since being in my 20s and exploring the world a little more, I do appreciate learning about different cultures and dipping my toes in a little history (sometimes)…

Alex and I approached Portland Bill Lighthouse around midday and were in awe of its striking appearance.

Portland Bill Lighthouse, Dorset

The staff were absolutely lovely, from when I called up to enquire about opening times to the team who welcomed us at the front desk. Entry was £7 which included a 35 minute guided tour of the lighthouse (it is 153 steps to climb to the top – our step counters loved us!) and a look around the visitor’s centre – which is so great for kids and big kids too…!

Our tour guide was fantastic (I regret not getting his name), I just love it when a guide is so passionate about their industry and work, because their enthusiasm is contagious and I feel I learn so much more.

Portland Bill Lighthouse, Dorset

Portland Bill Lighthouse, Dorset

I knew absolutely nothing about lighthouses, but feel slightly more informed and the view from the top was just breathtaking. We were lucky enough to climb to the lantern room on a day with fabulous visibility, which meant we could see the coastline stretch down to Devon and across to Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door in the other direction.

Portland Bill Lighthouse, Dorset

We each received a little badge as a souvenir of our trip (so cute!).

I believe all the lighthouses in the country are now controlled centrally and looked after by Trinity House. An initiative, would you believe it, originally started by Henry VIII more than 500 years ago.

After our visit, we ventured outside into the brilliant sunshine to explore the coastline and fill our lungs with the fresh sea air. I actually felt the sun on my face and it was so relaxing to have it cooled by the sea mist as each wave came crashing in (summer, I can almost smell you!).

Portland Bill Lighthouse, Dorset

Portland Bill Lighthouse, Dorset

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring today and I would love to hear your recommendations on where to visit next! Let me know in the comments 🙂

If you liked this post, you might also enjoy my write up of our stay at Orchardleigh Estate in Somerset.


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My 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016

Google Analytics never fails to amaze me. You can learn SO much about your readers and audience, perhaps out of interest but also to help you discover your most successful blog posts and social platforms.

If you’re not already using Google Analytics my friend Sarah has written a post on why Google Analytics should be a blogger’s best friend, so make sure you check it out!

So without further ado, here is a mini round up of my most popular blog posts from 2016:

Most popular blog posts and food from a cafe at Hengistbury Head in Dorset

  1. Is this the Perfect Editing App for Bloggers? 
    I knew this post would make the final after all the interaction I got on social media! I still love this app and use it almost every single day for one reason or another! 🙂
  2. The A-Z of Me 
    I was thrilled to learn that my lovely readers were actually interested in me as a person too! Although you may read every post and social media update by somebody, you don’t truly know or get to understand the content creator, so I personally love reading these types of posts too!
  3. The FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Review – The PERFECT Present 
    Many things are making a comeback these days in one fashion or another, from vinyls to the way we listen to music, first through headphones, then earphones and now wireless headphones – Polaroid cameras such as this one, are just the same <3
  4. The Next Chapter… Blog & Life Update
    Aww, reading this back is a proud moment. A blog is a commitment and should never be overlooked as something which anyone is capable of. It requires time, effort, dedication, money and passion to maintain a hobby and I am still so happy to typing away…
  5. JewelleryBox Review
    It’s hardly surprising that everyone loves JewelleryBox. Their products are beautiful, stylish and best of all, they’re affordable!

    Are you a blogger? Have you done a round up of your most popular blog posts of last year? Or maybe you love reading blogs and have an absolute favourite post/blogger. I’d love to read and learn all about them, so make sure you leave a link in the comments box :)Until my next post, you can find out what I got up to for New Year’s Eve at Orchardleigh Estate!


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New Year’s Eve at Orchardleigh Estate

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you had a magical time celebrating with your family friends!

We were lucky enough to spend two nights away at Orchardleigh Estate in Somerset over New Year with some of our best friends in the whole world. Picture a full weekend of copious amounts of food, drink, music, games and laughter.

Alex and I were the last to arrive at the house and the drive from the road deep into Orchardleigh Estate was like something out of a movie. The fog was thick, there were no lights and we didn’t exactly know where we were going, but knew to look out for a castellated building named Gloucester East – our home for the next two days.

Orchardleigh Estate Gloucester East
Gloucester East, Orchardleigh Estate

Orchardleigh Estate, Gloucester East bathroom

The grade II listed building had ridiculously comfortable beds and beautiful freestanding baths (although the hot water was temperamental – or maybe we just didn’t work out how to use it properly haha).

After an evening of Mexican food and games on the 30th, I felt like we were in a fairytale when we woke up in our very own mini castle on New Year’s Eve. We had an absolutely glorious breakfast (thanks Vicky and co.), before going on a two hour walk around the estate (this did wonders for our step count!). We discovered Orchardleigh House itself and one of the two picturesque churches which reside in the grounds.

Homemade Vegetarian Breakfast

Orchardleigh Estate

Orchardleigh House, Somerset

Church, St Mary, Orchardleigh Estate, Somerset

We had a fab time dressing up and playing Prosecco Pong (of course) in the lead up to midnight and sung our hearts out with Robbie Williams in the final countdown to 2017.

I truly had the most magical weekend celebrating with some fabulous friends and can’t wait for our next adventure together!

New Year's Eve, Orchardleigh Estate, Gloucester East

Orchardleigh Estate, Gloucester House, Somerset

I would like to wish you a very happy, healthy and spectacular 2017! If you liked this post make sure you’re following my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages to be the first to read my new posts  🙂

How did you celebrate the New Year? Have you been to Orchardleigh Estate before? Let me know in the comments!



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