JewelleryBox Review

Hi everyone! Welcome to twentysomethingxo and welcome back if you’ve been here before! This is weird because I am actually writing the introduction to this blog post, after I have written everything else, edited the pictures and added the tags etc. I was just too excited to get stuck in and share my love for jewellerybox with you!


Jewellerybox are an online retailer based in South London with a passion for beautiful sterling silver and 9ct gold jewellery at amazing prices, check out their website to see for yourself! They’ve taken the world by storm and although they’ve not even celebrated their second birthday yet, the jewellery company are already shipping worldwide!

So as you can imagine, when Gemma from the team contacted me*, my heart skipped a beat. I’ve seen their gorgeous packages, these scrumptious mini pegs and stylish little striped thread pop up on my Twitter & Instagram feed too many times to count.

I first heard about them through my two favourite sister bloggers, The Flower that Blooms, when they wrote about their new quirky and adorable dinosaur necklaces!

box again

As soon as I ripped the brown paper revealing the cutest four little parcels inside, I knew that from start to finish jewellerybox were an all round lovely company to have the pleasure of working with. Thought, love, care, pride, and a personal touch went into every single step of the experience. From Gemma and the team ensuring that my ring size was perfect, to matching me up with pieces which I would instantly fall for, to being spot on with communication and delivery, I can’t recommend the retailer enough!

Anyway, onto the jewellery itself… Silver has always been my go to metal for all things pretty and I was over the moon to have received such lovely pieces!

The first surprise were these dainty, stud earrings with a heavenly light sapphire blue crystal. I’ve never had a pair of Andralok earrings before (see the full style here), but was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and secure they feel. After a little Googling (as you do) I discovered that this type of earring back was invented for those who preferred to wear jewellery without small components, genius hey?! Plus, sometimes when I wear butterfly backs I have to admit that I can put them on too tight, so these make a refreshingly gorgeous change!

blue studs edited lighht

What I like most about the rings is that they are elegant, simplistic and go best when stacked on one finger. I’ve so fallen in love with my little combination of a classic silver band and infinity symbol, that I have barely taken them off since I first laid eyes on them! 🙂

The adjustable style is ideal for me. Being so precious, yet so small I always worry that rings may fall off, but this element is a dream come true as I can tighten and loosen the rings for the perfect fit.


Finally these white teardrop studs are so angelic, their beauty speaks for themselves. I’ve got a few exciting events coming up and this sophisticated pair coupled with my stunning new rings are my favourite new accessories!

tear studs

Thanks so much to the lovely Gemma and the team at jewellerybox for spoiling me! Come pay day I will be popping back on the website to add a few more pieces to my collection. 🙂

Have you got any lovely pieces from jewellerybox? If you’ve written about them please link me in the comments box. Also, I would love to hear which pieces from the collection you have added to your wishlist!

*I was gifted this jewellery to feature on my blog and all opinions are my own. 

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Is This the PERFECT Editing App for Bloggers?!

Instagram, for me, has been such a tricky platform to “get right” and judging by the amount of Twitter chats about themes, apps, posting frequency, spam followers, flatlays, lighting etc I don’t seem to be the only one who has been left bedazzled recently.

After using an identical filter on all my pictures, abusing the brightness setting, adding a white frame, doing my best to accomplish the magical ways of VSCO cam and following those who seem to have cracked the code, I found myself in an Instagram rut and confused about what “looks good”.

lunch hengistbury

I know what you’re thinking, does it reeeallly matter whether your pics are perfect? Isn’t it just about sharing photos and happy memories? Well yes, unless you’re a blogger. At the end of the day each and every one of us, (whether you admit it or not) would go to the ends of the Earth for an amazing theme, it helps drive traffic to our blog and also looks pretty darn cool if you ask me.

I think it’s partly due to the most successful bloggers leading the way in the Instagram world, but that it’s also down to the fact that blogging really does teach us a whole set of different skills – one being photography. We are learning the technical terms, the power of lighting, how to use Photoshop etc, inside and out and so why wouldn’t we want to post a photo of which we’re proud of?

While I am a million miles from achieving something that looks as though it has been published in a magazine, I have found an app which at least makes me happy – and that at the end of the day is what truly matters.

I no longer look back on a photo the day after I post it and think “My god why did I think that filter did that photo any justice?!” or “what was I thinking when I cranked up the saturation?!”

Instead, I am pretty content with how my feed is shaping up…

Untitled design (6)

Anyway… the app in question is ColorStory. You only have to look at their Instagram page to appreciate the magic it can do.

Described as being able to “create fresh photos, bright whites and colours that pop”, this is the perfect app for those of you who want to step up your insta game.

At the moment, I am just using the free features on the app, with my favourite filters being “Disco Ball” and “Mimosa” from the “Good Vibes” collection and “Pop” and “Ice Ice” from the Essentials package.

However, following the ColorStory’s app itself, I am now lusting after every other filter going.

The app is SO simple to use and once you’ve made your edits you can easily save your photos to your camera roll or post them straight on social media. What’s more, if you use the hashtag #acolorstory the team might just pick up your photo and credit you on their account!

PLUS once you strike gold with your perfect combination of filters, you can save the editing steps to use again on future photos.

Untitled design (7)

Finally, there’s good news for Android users! Currently the app is only available on iOS but the team are in the process of making the finishing touches to your version of the app too…! 🙂

Have you used Color Story before? What are your favourite filters?

Make sure you check out more of my edits on my Instagram page here and if you are looking for more advice on how to improve your photos check out this post too.

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The A-Z of Me

I saw this post on the lovely Lady Writes Blog and thought it was a brilliant idea! On a daily basis we read reviews and posts which contain a blogger’s thoughts and opinions, but rarely learn much about the blogger themselves.

With the recent redesign of my blog, which you can read more about here, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take up the challenge of the Alphabet post, so here goes…!

Australia – Anyone who knows me could have filled in this letter for me. Since I was eight-years-old I have been dreaming of jetting off to experience the world down under!

Beach – Rain or shine, warm or freezing, night or day the beach is my place of tranquillity. It’s so calming and I have so many happy memories down by the sea. I am so grateful to have been brought up in such a beautiful place!

Charlotte – this is a bit of a cheeky one haha. Of course it’s my name, so whenever another blogger called Charlotte follows me on Twitter/Instagram it’s an unwritten rule, that I have to follow them back 😉

Dolphins – I’ve been lucky enough to swim with dolphins twice now, once in Florida and once on my birthday in the Caribbean! Next on the bucket list is swimming with turtles! We are yet to book our summer holiday, so who knows, I might be able to experience this sooner than I originally thought!


Elephants – This A-Z list could also be a slight bucket list too! Elephants are one of my favourite animals, there’s just something about them that makes them so awe-inspiring and I would love to go on safari and see them in the wild.

Fridge Magnets – this is something I’ve copied from my Dad and Step-Mum. Whenever Alex and I go on holiday or on an adventure in the UK, we always head to the gift-shop for a fridge magnet. It’s such a good idea (if we do say so ourselves), because it’s a lovely way to remember some of the amazing places we’ve been, without buying impulsive souvenirs which will just get forgotten about in the drawers.

Games – My family is obsessed with board games. Growing up I would play them with my dad and cousins most Saturdays and the tradition has continued. From the classics to the obscure, we blimmin’ love them and, obviously, every single game is highly competitive, but that’s the way we like it 😉


Happy – CRINGE alert! With summer just around the corner, this is my favourite time of the year, I just feel so much more alive! I live for long evenings, bbqs, beach walks and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin.

Italy – I love the country, I love the people and I love the food!

Jewellery – I am so lucky, thanks to my seriously generous family and friends to have two (almost full Pandora bracelets)! Each charm represents a period in my life or a funny memory and the bracelets will be something I will cherish forever!

Ketchup!!! As it says in all my bios, I am Heinz Ketchup’s no. 1 fan…mmmhmmmmm.

Lara – I have a little sister who is eight years old and a brother, called James, who is 21.

Music – I rarely go a few weeks without booking tickets for a gig or festival for months, even years in advance. Next on the gig agenda is Mumford and Sons at Hyde Park in July. The band mean a lot to me as my boyfriend and I went on our very first date to London during a glorious, warm weekend, where we saw them along with Ben Howard and Vampire Weekend at The Olympic Park! The atmosphere was incredible and I am SO excited to relive the same experience again this year 🙂

Mumford and Sons

Northern Lights – These two words are probably on every bucket list going and I already know I will be lost for words the moment I see them (hopefully from Iceland in the not too distant future)!

Oreo Milkshakes – My one true love.

Photographs – My friends and family mean the absolute world to me and I’ve always been one for taking photos, printing them out, making collages and displaying them around my room. When I moved to uni, I think I pretty much printed off a photo of everyone I knew and created a piece of art for my wall haha!

Quotes – I can spend hours and hours searching for the perfect quote to describe how I am feeling. Here are 20 Quotes You NEED to Remember.


Rabbits – They’re SO cute! We were lucky enough to grow up with bunnies, at one point we had 12! The story? Basically we had a boy rabbit and a girl rabbit and they accidentally met in the garden one day and did what rabbits do best and we were too smitten to give them away! 🙂

Saving – Okay, this might seem like a boring one to all of you, but a very exciting one for me! I’ve recently opened the Help to Buy ISA and I am SO much more motivated to save for a house with my boyfriend! The day WILL come! 🙂 🙂

TV – Who doesn’t get addicted to a good TV show? Every now and again I become obsessed, like everyone and it takes over my life. If I am at work/am too busy to take part in a Netflix marathon, sometimes I accidentally Google the ending and ruin it… I really don’t help myself haha. On a side note, totally loving Big Bang Theory at the moment. I think it just keeps getting funnier and funnier! 🙂

Unicorns – I got WAY too excited when they introduced the unicorn emoji!

Vegetarian – I’ve not eaten meat or fish for around 15 years and (wait for it) I’ve never had a bacon sandwich! You can read about all my reasons why and some funny tales of accidental-near-meat-eating experiences here.

Watersports – If you read one of my recent posts you will have seen that we went kayaking the other day! Last summer we tried paddle boarding and can’t wait to give it another go this summer, but above all I really want to try the obstacle course in the New Forest which is pretty much like Total Wipeout!!! Sounds incredible right?!

paddleboard alex

X-Ray – I don’t really know why someone would make up a letter of the alphabet and rarely use it haha. If you must know, I’ve had two X-rays, once when I thought I had a broken finger after a rounders tournament and the other when I fell off my bike and tore all the ligaments. It made my arm weaker, so I gave up playing tennis and found hockey instead.

Yosemite Park – This is a place that has been on my bucket list, ever since I met Alex. He’s been fortunate enough to go with his family and says it is the most beautiful place on the planet, so I can’t wait to experience it one day with him too.

Z As this is my blog, I figured I could dictate the rules, I don’t have anything for Z but I am desperate for another M so here goes… M – Moulin Rouge – My favourite film in the entire world. I have watched it a good 80/90 times (I used to count ehem nerd alert ehem), and can pretty much recite it word for word. After our recent trip to Paris, watching the film again, was like viewing it for the first time as a lot more of the city’s references and scenes clicked! 🙂

moulin rouge

So there you have it, the A-Z of me. This was such a fun post to write, so if you’re stuck for inspiration, or have been toying with the idea of putting together a slightly more personal post for a while, this is the perfect one! If you’ve already taken on the alphabet challenge, then please do leave me a link in the comment box to yours – I would love to read it!


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My Cousin has Started her own Dance Party Business!

Starting your own business is a dream that most of us have and my cousin has recently taken the plunge and done it! Combining her love for dancing and children, Jess now hosts fun and fabulous children’s dance parties!

Jazzy Jess Dance Parties, based in Dorset, is a unique birthday party experience! From Disney, to Olly Murs and Little Mix, you can choose the perfect song for your birthday prince or princess and Jazzy Jess will teach your little one and all their friends a super cool routine! At the end of the party, all the mummies and daddies will be treated to an exclusive performance which they will be able to treasure forever!


After starting dancing at just three years old, Jess has taken centre stage in countless shows and in recent years has become a fully qualified dance instructor and regularly teaches youngsters after school. By day Jess is a teaching assistant and is currently training to be a teacher.

In addition to dancing the day away, Jess also hosts party games and entertains the little ones with arts and crafts too!

If your child’s birthday is a little while away, don’t worry! Jazzy Jess is hosting some summer sessions at the local libraries! Stay tuned for the dates as I will be posting them along with the locations closer to the time!

Here’s a snap from the most recent Jazzy Jess Dance Party which was held at Castle Point Library! The girls had a great time learning and performing a routine with the track “Wrapped Up” by the gorgeous Olly Murs!

Jazzy Jess Library

For a full list of prices and packages you can email Jazzy Jess via , like the Faceboook page or follow all the action on Twitter here

Finally, a massive congratulations to you Jess, for following your dreams and bringing some birthday sparkle to lots and lots of children! 🙂 xo



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