The Next Chapter… Blog & Life Update

It’s official! twentysomethingxo finally has a new look! After hours and hours on the phone to GoDaddy and the genius input from my super intelligent boyfriend, I now have SO much more control over my blog.

boat, the next chapter

My little blog has come on a long journey since its initial idea. First, I just made a basic blog using only HTML and CSS, then I decided I wanted the support of WordPress and now I am happy I’ve got even more freedom and can take full advantage of the plugins!

No doubt a few month’s down the line, I will want a new theme (I’ve been lusting over pipdig recently), but for now, I am pretty content with my fresh new look and I hope you like it too!

In addition to the move, which has taken some time, I have also been ridiculously busy. Alex and I won a competition and we spent a night in The Purbecks in Dorset exploring the local area and visiting Monkey World, we also went to Paris for a long, romantic weekend, I’ve been to visit my best friend and fellow blogger Kate, in London and there’s been a few down times in between, which have truly highlighted the importance of my family and friends.

Now I am really in a fabulous position, looking forward with twentysomethingxo, and indeed with life, I am feeling a lot more confident and positive about the direction I would like to take. My notebook is JAM PACKED with blog post ideas and now that the designing/techy stuff is done, I am looking forward to getting back to writing and improving my photography. I feel like my blog and I are long lost friends, and there’s just not enough hours in the day to catch up with everything, but I will do my very best!

Finally, to all my regular readers and supporters of my blog, thank you for always sticking by me, it truly means the world to have people believe in something I love to do! 🙂


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