Mini Lush Easter Haul

My little sister is asking questions about Father Christmas, but she’s yet to raise her suspicious about the Easter bunny.

So when ‘he’ comes into the garden to hide delicious chocolate treats, all of us, adult or not, love getting on our hands and knees to look high and low for something in a shiny wrapper!

Easter also signifies that the warm summer months and long, gorgeous BBQ evenings are well and truly on their way.

The flowers and blossoms colour the gardens and the new born animals are cuter than ever! Click here to read my post on White Post farm and to squeal over the sweetest pictures of lambs and little chicks.

But of course we must not forget that just before Easter, Lush release some Spring-time goodness!

I popped into my local store for some treats and came away with these beauties…

Golden Egg

Not to be confused with the scrummy Galaxy Golden Eggs which have graced the shelves and lined our stomach’s already this year…

This toffee-scented bath bomb melt is a silky delight and just handling the egg makes me excited to use this product, simply because it leaves a trail of glitter EVERYWHERE… How princess like!

Fluffy Egg

In appearance, this girly bath bomb reminds me so much of the Lush classic, Think Pink, however this one smells of all kinds of sweets and candy goodness.

Which Came First?

I believe this one has simply been renamed following its previous years as ‘Immaculate Eggception’. However I love the new name, hinting towards the dumbfounding question, which came first? The egg or the chicken?

Priced at just under £7 you might wince slightly at the price tag, but for Lush lovers, it’s definitely worth it, as this HUGE egg splits into three (you could pretty much do some light weights with it haha, I mean look at the size difference!) – perfect for a trio of luxury baths.

While the little chick inside doesn’t reeeeaallyy resemble a chick, the mini bath bomb inside is still adorable and smells fruitilicious (is this even a word?).

The whole Easter range is a must-have, and I was a tiny bit heartbroken walking away from Humpty Dumpty (a brand new lush invention!!) but the lady in the shop advised me that the What Came First, which is equally priced, ‘works better’ allowing the hidden surprise to just pop out once the egg has been cracked!

Have you picked up any Lush goodies recently? Let me know which bath bombs you’re LOVING at the moment and leave me a comment.

Did you read my sister’s review on the Frozen bath bomb?

Here’s what I made of the Magic Wand Bubble Bar.

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Stonehenge: A Timeless Beauty

I didn’t take History G.C.S.E, I don’t particularly have a keen interest in the subject, but every now and again, I like to immerse myself in learning something new about our ancestors.

On a really quick side note, before I start explaining our trip to the wonder that is Stonehenge…Am I the only one who “thinks” in black and white when it comes to the past? It’s difficult to explain, because thanks to archaeologists and historians, we are able to envisage the past, and create our own visions of perhaps what it was like to walk the earth, thousands, even millions of years ago. But one thing which really blows my mind, is the concept of time…stonehenge photography

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument. We know that as fact, however, I had no idea just how vast the time frame was over which the stones were erected in Wiltshire. The whole site, which includes burial mounds, carefully landscaped earth banks and ditches, The Avenue, which was a parallel pair of ditches and banks leading 2 miles down to the River Avon, and more incredible features, were created across THOUSANDS OF YEARS…BC might I add.

This might help put it into perspective:

-Before the Stonehenge monument itself, archaeologists have found evidence of the site being used for ritual purposes dating back to 8000 BC! (Just think about it, that’s over TEN THOUSAND years ago!).

-The main construction of the stones commenced in 3100 BC

-The Parthenon in Greece was finished in 432BC

-The Colosseum in Italy was constructed around 70-80AD

-Machu Picchu, Peru was built in the 15th Century.

-William Shakespeare died in 1616

And obviously the Tudors, Victorians etc you know the rest…

After driving up from the South Coast, we actually caught our first glimpse of Stonehenge from the road which was pretty amazing, we could already see a small crowd, however for obvious reasons you cannot park close to the English Heritage Site. Instead, we headed to the visitor centre, to buy our tickets and hop on the bus to the main attraction.

Vistor Centre.jpg

At just over £17 per ticket (including gift aid) this is a little pricey to “look at some stones” which is what some people might say, but it is 100% worth it. Plus save yourself £2 by bringing some earphones with you, so that you can download the audio guide for free instead of renting one.

audio guide.jpg

Alex and I had a mini debate about whether we were fortunate or unfortunate with the weather. Yes it would have been lovely to have witnessed Stonehenge in warmer temperatures, without the rain and with a gorgeous blue sky backdrop for our photos, however, the rainy day added to the air of mystery and emphasised the harsh conditions that people back then, would have had to have endured during the depths of Winter.


While no one knows the true reason behind Stonehenge, or why it was built across many centuries, and despite having to accept the fact that we will probably never actually get to the bottom of it, it is left to your personal interpretation. 

I listened to the audio guide from beginning to end (this is a rarity, I normally switch off and ask my family all my questions), but on this occasion, every single clip fascinated me.

As you are probably well aware, many campers head down to Wiltshire during the summer solstice to watch the arrangement of the stones align with the sunrise – a vision which I imagine to be an awe-inspiring moment. Plus, in the colder months, the stones align with the sunset during the winter solstice, which suggests to me that the Neolithic people built this monument to worship the changing seasons, upon which they so greatly depended for the rearing of their of their livestock and sheer existence.

Looking around and seeing and listening to people from all over the world, it just brought home how lucky we are to live near such a magical monument and the whole experience of walking in the footsteps of those who worshipped the Earth, in all its beauty, long, long before us, was surreal.

I will leave the exhibition centre as a surprise, just in case you do decide to go, because it really does make you stop, think and wonder…



Well children, that concludes today’s history lesson… haha no seriously, when I posted on Twitter that we were off to Stonehenge for the day, so many lovely bloggers were saying how much they’d like to visit too! So if you do pop down to the South of England for a weekend break, or maybe like us, Stonehenge is really only down the road, make sure you spend a day immersing yourself in all its glory!

If you like going on an adventure in the countryside or forest, you’ll love this post and if you live in the Midlands, you HAVE to explore this beauty.



Have you been to Stonehenge before? What did you think? Let me know in the comment box!

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bareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara Review

It’s no secret that I am a bareMinerals girl through and through. From every day make-up to skin care, I love the brand and everything they stand for. With a collection designed to not only cover-up, but also nourish your skin, bareMinerals are renowned for their magical skin healing formulas, perfect for girls who love to feel as if they’re wearing nothing at all…

Over the years, I’ve tried and tested pretty much every drug store mascara, in fact Maybelline’s Lash Sensational featured in my 2015 beauty favourites. Plus, I’ve fallen in and out of love with ones by Chanel, Christian Dior, YSL and Lancome to name a few.

However, since it’s release, for some strange reason bareMinerals’ Lash Domination seems to have always got lost on the way to my make-up collection. THANKFULLY, Father Christmas, a.k.a my Mum, came to the rescue, and to make up (<–wow, comedy genius or what?) for lost time, she bought me the gift set which included a travel-sized mascara too!




bareMinerals have specifically chosen a spiral wand to aid the application of their formula, and for best results, you need to blink into the wand as you slowly twist it. This is perhaps, the only drawback, as for optimum results, you do have to be extremely patient (something I am not very good at!) and take great care when applying, otherwise you can risk some serious smudging, which is never a good look.

However, I am COMPLETELY besotted with the finished look. It gives the false lash effect without the glue, drama of cutting them to the right size, and ensuring that they don’t find themselves half way down your face on a night out…haha what a way to lower the tone Charlotte!

No, seriously, if you’re looking for a dramatic, volumised effect this is The One. While I’ve read on other reviews that some girls have had problems with clumping, I’ve been lucky, but if this is the case, a simple eye lash brush will definitely smooth these out, ensuring that your lashes are picture perfect.

I’ve also found that the formula, although initially quite wet when applied, (hence the need for a steady hand, patience and that open mouthed concentrating mascara face – you know the one girls…) it is extremely long lasting. There’s been occasions when I’ve applied my make-up at nine in the morning, and come through the door close to midnight and although my eye-liner has smudged beyond belief, my eyelashes are still just as dramatic.

Finally, despite this being a trait of any mascara, I genuinely love the contrast between the thick, dark lashes and the white of my eyes, giving a sharp, bold look.


I don’t usually apply much mascara to my bottom lashes as I wear pencil liner on my lower lid, and have done since I was 13! So it may be up to you to decide whether you like the look on your lower lashes, but here’s the look after and pre-application, what do you think? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

If you’re a fan of bareMinerals products too, or maybe you’re looking to treat yourself to something a bit different, you can read my complexion rescue review here.

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Sunday Funday: The New Forest

Oh what a joy it was to wake up to sunshine, blue skies and the birds singing this morning. I’ve been waiting for days like these for a long, long time! I live for the warm summer months, so if it wasn’t for bare branches and a slight nip in the air, I could have been forgiven for thinking it was the middle of spring! Naturally, this called for some fun in the Great Outdoors and of course, if you know the New Forest, there’s no better place to play in the mud and make the most of the fresh air, than Linford Bottom!

NewForestscenarycouple photogroupphotomuddy_welliestree_huggersgirlspooh_sticksLinford Bottom

What did you get up to this weekend? Did you embrace the sunshine? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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