My Beauty Favourites of 2015

Although this little blog has been running for a year now, I’ve only written one ‘favourites’ post!

So with the New Year in sight, there’s no better time to get into the swing of it with my Beauty Favourites of 2015!


L’Oreal – Skin Perfection Cleansing & Perfecting Milk: About 18 months ago, I made the decision never, ever to use face wipes again. Although they are easy to use, they’re also really harsh on my skin and leave it so red and blotchy. I’ve tried a few make-up removers, but this one is by far a winner. It gently removes make-up and impurities while simultaneously nourishes my skin.

Soap and Glory – Orangeasm Body Wash: Thanks to the incredible gift sets which grace the shelves in Boots every single Christmas, I was introduced to this beauty and I am actually now on my third bottle! It smells absolutely divine and leaves my skin feeling really fresh and smelling delicious.

Vaseline – Spray Moisturiser (Cocoa Radiant): Now this product is very new to my favourites, but I have already fallen head over heels for it. When you are in a rush, getting changed after the gym or are generally a lazy bum (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), this sweet ‘spray and go’ moisturiser is your answer to silky smooth skin. Plus, who wouldn’t want to spray themselves with chocolate?!

The Body Shop – Lip Balm, Strawberry: In winter especially, I can’t go five minutes without applying lip balm, and throughout the whole of 2015, The Body Shop has come out on top with their magical pot of strawberry lip care. What’s more, you’ll find the dream team lies in the use of this lip balm along with its sister product, the lip butter, which is also available at the store.

beautyfavourites2The Body Shop – Vitamin E Intense Moisturiser Cream: I have loved the Vitamin E range for years and years, and I think my obsession has rubbed off on my boyfriend as he is now addicted to their Aqua Boost Sorbet! The best things about this range are its non-greasy formula and ability to leave skin feeling cool, refreshed and smooth, while still able to breathe.

Charlotte Tilbury – Lip Liner, Pillow Talk: This time last year, I never even owned a lipstick, let alone a lip liner (I was more of a lipgloss fan), now thanks to an amazing giveaway win on Things Sarah Loves blog (which you can read all about here), I am besotted. The shade is a gorgeous match to my lips and I have even found a L’Oreal lipstick which blends perfectly with it too!

bareMinerals – Complexion Rescue, Butter Cream: I won’t go on about this too much, as I have dedicated a whole post to this skin saving product here, but this is definitely a beauty must have which I will be buying again and again throughout 2016 and beyond!

beautyfavourites3Soap and Glory – Mascara, Thick and Fast: Having never tried anything from the Soap and Glory make-up range, I was really excited to try this one out. More often than not I am switching between mascaras, and I am always a victim of the placebo effect and never know whether a mascara is actually lengthening and thickening my eyelashes, or whether its all in my head. However, I was joint at the hip with this product, if I couldn’t find it in my make-up bag, I’d have a mini heart attack, and sweat it out until we were reunited!

Maybelline – Mascara, Lash Sensational: As I mentioned, I am a pushover when it comes to this eye essential, which is probably why two have made it to my beauty favourites of 2015! After borrowing one of my best friend’s mascaras (before you say it, I know, you shouldn’t do this, my hands are up, guilty! But don’t try and play all innocent with me, I know you’re all guilty too 😉 ), I just had to run out to Boots and pick it up! I used to be unable to leave the house for a night out, without wearing a pair of trusty Eyelure fake eyelashes, but this mascara is a sensational substitute! 😉

Cerruti 1881: A classic fragrance, which launched way back in 1995 and has been my signature scent for the last few years. Without blowing my own trumpet, I have never received as many compliments about a beauty product as I have with this one! The fresh, floral scent is light enough for the daytime as well as doubling up as a sensual accessory to any killer outfit ready for a night out. Finally, I although I am very fussy when it comes to fragrances, I am however, looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone in 2016 and discovering a new perfume and who knows, I might be lucky enough to find one in the post-Christmas sales!

Do you use any of these products? What are your favourites of 2015? I would love to know! Let me know in the comment box or tweet me.

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Happy Birthday twentysomethingxo

So as you’ve probably guessed from the title, my little blog has been up and running for one whole year!

I am actually so proud of myself for keeping it going, but then again I didn’t expect to fall so in love with the idea.

Last October I decided to buy a book on HTML and try and build my blog from scratch, and I will be the first to admit that this was a ridiculously crazy idea. I came across so many hurdles which I never anticipated, but because I believed in being able to write and share my story so much, I persevered. It was after a few months of tears, stress and lots of late nights, that I managed to ‘launch’ twentysomethingxo. It was very much different in appearance than the blog you are reading now, but meant just as much. Along the way I discovered all the blogging world had to offer and I’ve never looked back! Swapping to WordPress in September allowed me to keep up (or at least try to keep up) with working full time, going to the gym and having a social life.

Anyway, I will try and keep the rest of this post short and sweet but I have some very important thank you messages for everyone both on and offline who have made this past year so incredible.

First up my boyfriend. You may have seen Alex pop up on a post now and again, but he has been so supportive behind the keyboard too. From teaching me how to use his camera, to proof reading my posts, listening to me moan about my blogger problems (I’m sure you guys know what I’m on about, lighting, writing posts on time, finding white backgrounds! Grrr, you know the drill!), but most of all being passionate about something that I am too! Being part of my journey has inspired Alex to think about creating his own photography blog, so watch this space in 2016! I’ll no doubt be sharing his link with you all!

Next up, my family, from my mum, dad, brother, sister, step-family and my boyfriend’s family, I’m pleased to say that each and everyone of them has been a part of my blog and dare I say it, learnt something about the blogging world! My little sister in particular has been so enthusiastic and is often picking up things in shops, mainly pretty rubbers and items with animal faces on, and saying “YOU SHOULD WRITE ABOUT THIS ON YOUR BLOG!”

Naturally, just before I shared my blog link for the first time, I was SO nervous about publishing my opinions and views online via such a vulnerable platform. But to be honest, I have no idea what I was worried about! My friends have been so supportive with their comments and messages telling me how much they love reading my posts! Every time someone pays twentysomethingxo a compliment I never know how to react, I’m just so grateful that someone out there cares enough to spend some of their free time reading up on my latest post.

Finally, and probably the most squishiest, soppiest thank you of all goes to you guys! Every single blogger, vlogger and reader who I’ve met at blogging events, or spoken to online has touched my blog in some magical way, so thank you! Thank you for answering my blogging woes on Twitter late into the night, thank you to the girls I’ve relied on for life advice, to those who I speak to in blogger chats, to those whose posts have taught me a thing or two about blogging or about the big wide world, without you, blogging wouldn’t be half as much fun!

So here’s to another funfilled year, full of opportunities, love and blogging antics! I love you all!

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