My Things Sarah Loves Giveaway Win

Today’s post has been a long time coming, but I’m still just as excited to share it with you.

A little while ago I entered one of my favourite bloggers’ giveaway as it was such a lovely opportunity! Sarah of Things Sarah Loves chose to host the most amazing competition where she selected three brands, three product types and the competition entrants could select which colour/shade they wanted.


This was the first giveaway I had come across of this kind and I thought it was a clever little touch, as it meant that the prize would be tailored to the winner’s tastes and more likely be something which they would appreciate.

The options were:

  • A Charlotte Tilbury Cheat Re-Shape & Re-Size Lip Liner (colour of your choice).
  • A L’Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss (colour of your choice)
  • A chunk of Lush soap (you chose which)
  • A little Scottish surprise goody.

So with a list like that I’m sure you can imagine I was absolutely astounded to have won. I am so grateful to Sarah for her generosity and personal touch…

As every blogger knows, when it comes to certain brands there are popular products which seem to get everyone hooked, so I placed my trust in my fellow bloggers (Sarah included) and went for the beautiful shade Pillow Talk (Charlotte Tilbury). Despite having matching names I am ashamed to say that this is my first product by Charlotte Tilbury, although with the brand’s recent announcement of a collaboration with John Lewis I think I may just become a regular, as the make-up counter will be more accessible, as opposed to just in Selfridges.


So as you can probably tell in this photo I used the liner before I photographed it (patience went out the window!) and I love it! Fortunately I have a L’Oreal lipstick to match perfectly and together they make a brilliant combination!

Now who doesn’t love Lush? I hadn’t actually tried any of the soaps before, but I am so glad I did! It smells delicious for a start, and I love body products which smell especially fruity.


As mentioned I am a fan of L’Oreal lip products, and so choosing an infalliable mega gloss was no problem at all! I went for a candy pink shade named ‘For The Ladies’ (206) and it literally does what it says on the tube, and gives an amazing glossy look without being sticky. It’s a dream to wear and I simply adore the colour.


The surprise Scottish goodie was absolutely adorable! I couldn’t believe how cute Sarah was by completely personalising the package, it added to the excitement of receiving a jam packed parcel in the post. I have never been to Scotland and it’s on my list, so to receive a souvenir from a beautiful blogger at the other end of the UK was amazing.


Finally, this card is something I will treasure forever, it might sound ridiculous but to receive something from somebody I have not met (yet!), which has been handwritten is the perfect touch to this already amazing giveaway win!

So thanks a million times over to Sarah, be sure to check out her fabulous blog here, she’s so lovely, with with something different for everyone to enjoy. Plus, Sarah has just taken over #ltbloggers (lunchtime bloggers) so if you are interested in hosting a chat or would like more information, follow the link here or you can send her a tweet.


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17 Things You Need to Know For Fresher’s Week

Fresher’s week is an emotional rollercoaster and for some, a rite of passage, so after reflecting on an incredible 3 years at university, I’ve put together a list of the things you NEED to know for your very first week…

  1. Get a door stop | This small, random but incredibly useful object is the key to your sociability factor during fresher’s week. If your bedroom in halls has a fire door, you will probably want to keep it open so that your flat mates feel welcome to come in and hang out with you. (Of course fire doors are there for a reason so just play safe).
  1. You will feel like you’re on holiday | Waking up in a brand new bed in halls will probably be a moment which you will remember forever. You will be in a strange city with so much to explore, so many things to see and people to meet, at this point life couldn’t be more exciting, with a whole three years of adventure laid out before you.


  1. Prepare to answer the same questions again and again | “What course are you on?”, “Which block of halls are you in?”, “Where are you from?”, “What is your name?” – you may as well take a packet of white labels and a marker pen with you to create stickers to wear with the answers on.
  1. You will hardly talk to your friends back home | With all of these new people to meet, your best friends from home will quickly become a faint memory temporarily, and if you can last out until Christmas to go back home after your first term, you will have SO much to catch up on it will feel as if you never went away.


  1. You will forget what vegetables are | Starting with a Maccy’s breakfast, followed by a Pizza Hut Buffet lunch and a microwave meal (if any meal at all for dinner) your diet of junk food will be strung together with pre drinks and hair of the dog, who wants to waste time cooking when there’s all this parting and meeting new people to be done? Although if you do want to keep your health in check, drinking plenty of water and taking multivitamins will help considerably!
  1. You will be nocturnal | Whether you are out on the town, at a gathering with your new society or just hanging out on halls, there will be no time for sleep with all the tomfoolery which is bound to occur!


  1. Your social media notifications will go insane | Whoever you meet on your travels, you are bound to stalk later on social media. However, those which don’t fall into the same circles as you at university won’t be forgotten about, you will still hug/high five and exchange pleasantries with them forever more because you shared that one single conversation in the toilets on the traffic light party in fresher’s week, and made an eternal bond.
  1. You will sign up to a million societies and will probably only stick with one or two | At the societies fair you’re likely to be sign up happy and go mad agreeing to giant Frisbee just because they handed out free sweets, or the ski club (even though you’ve never been skiing in your life) just because you like the sound of their fancy dress social. This is a great way to meet people, but I will have to warn you that you will forever more receive updates about the society in your email inbox, and if you’re as lazy as me, you will never be bothered to take yourself off the mailing list.


  1. Your flatmates will quickly become a family home from home | Whether it is bonding over the amazing night out in town you had, or a discovery of a mutual love for ketchup, you will most likely at some point refer to yourselves as family and get to know the siblings and friends of each of your housemates as they come to stay.
  1. Remember to be your own person | It is important to stay true to yourself and not do anything which you don’t want to. You only get one university experience, don’t do something just because you think you will look cool in front of your coursemates, enjoy the freedom that university brings, but trust your instinct too.


  1. Keep an open mind | Thanks to university you will meet so many people from an array of different cultures who quite possibly will become your friends for life. Not everyone will have had the same privileges as you, but at the same time you might learn a thing or two, so embrace the concept of not just learning in the lecture hall, but outside from your peers too.
  1. Ice Breakers | Before I went to university, I read on a blog post that you should take some sort of ball to have in the flat. It acts as the perfect ice breaker, I don’t know why, but people are drawn to the welcoming concept of throwing a ball around.
  1. Be independent | If you are planning on going to university with a boyfriend/girlfriend, you will have to learn to trust the other person if you are planning to stay together. You do NOT want to spend your week crying down the phone about how much you miss the each other. Yes of course, speak to your other half, but you have your individual memories to create, don’t let the moment pass with any regrets.

university again again gain

  1. Let your parents know that you are okay | This might sound silly, but your parents will inevitably be missing you and worrying out of their mind, especially if you are normally a home bird. A quick text or call home to check in once or twice will go a long way, in fact they will probably be so happy to hear how much of a great time you’re having.
  1. Not everyone will be happy clappy | It may come as a surprise but not everyone will take to university life straight away, some may even have moved countries and be finding the whole experience quite a lot to handle. Being nice and lending an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on will really lift someone’s spirits, so remember this and who knows someone might do the same for you.

graduation again

  1. Stay on top of your timetable | Now everyone knows that you have drawn the short straw if you have a 9am lecture, but whatever you do, do NOT miss your introductory ones, you don’t want to fall behind your course mates and make a bad impression with the lecturers before you’ve even put pen to paper, do you?
  1. Finally enjoy it | Fresher’s week will be one of the most amazing and unforgettable experiences of your life and can never be replicated. As cringey as it sounds, make the most of the here and now, embrace being young and free, this is your change to shape your future, follow your dreams and become the person you know you will be proud of.


Have you been to university? Do you have any pearls of wisdom to share? Or are you going crazy with the excitement and anticipation of your moving in day? Let me know in the comment box below or tweet me.


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I’m Back!

Hey everyone!

First of all I am so sorry for my little disappearing act, it seems as though I have been neglecting my blog lately, which is not okay. I love blogging and the whole community, but life has literally been so busy lately that the brakes have been put on twentysomethingxo and I’ve not been able to post as frequently.

In June my boyfriend moved down to live with me in Bournemouth and we have both been job hunting and settling in back home, seeing all our friends and family, making the most of the odd hot day and generally just chilling out.

alex and charlotteBut now I do have some exciting news to announce, and it’s that I have a shiny new job doing social media woohooo! Although I’ve only been employeed for around two weeks, I’m having so much fun and really enjoying having a job which I am passionate about.

Plus, we have actually joined the gym! For someone who was so sporty growing up, university quickly saw my fitness decline and hit rock bottom thanks to nights out, a million takeaways and a down right lazy attitude to doing anything which required physical exercise (I don’t think I can really count the odd squash game).

Now, we are enjoying regularly going swimming and to the gym (I was totally amazed by one of the brand new machines which involves climbing stairs like an escalator while it records how many floors you climb – this probably shows just how long I’ve been absent from a gym haha).

However, beside everything that’s been going on, there has been a little work on my blog behind the scenes, which some of you have probably noticed…

Welcome to my brand spanking new WordPress site! Like with any blog, it takes a lot of hard work, creativity and dedication to get it how you like it, and even then you’re always making tiny tweaks, so this is just the beginning of another chapter in my blogging journey.

My decision to change from a site run completely on HTML and CSS coding was because I wanted a platform where I could smoothly create a blog post complete with quality images, and not have to spend about 150 years coding and unable to schedule.

I wanted to be able to concentrate on my writing and the creative aspect of blogging because after all these are the reasons I started it in the first place.

So at last, the future of my blog looks so much brighter and I can’t wait to share new content with you which I’ve been thinking about and planning for a while.

Also, I’ve been super lucky in the last few weeks with snail mail, I’ve received three beautiful packages all related to my blog so watch this space!FullSizeRender (18)

Finally, (and now for the cringey bit) I’d just like to take this mini opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who has stuck by me through all the transitions of my blog whether that is by commenting, liking and sharing everything or listening to me go on about it 😉

Speak to you very soon!


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Scent City’s Urbanites Range

Summer is a time to feel free, to try new things and to seek adventures. It’s an opportunity for you to make memories with your family and friends to last you through the depths of winter until the next buds sprout from the ground when spring arrives.

So having been stuck in my ways for a good three or four years with a single perfume, I was extremely excited when the lovely team at Scent City asked if I wanted to try out some scents from their Urbanites range. (You might recognise #ScentCity from my post featuring my absolutely gorgeous fragrance bracelet which you can read about here.)

The Urbanites Collection has something for every fragrance lover, whether you are male or female, you will find a scent suited to your personality, style and taste.

As The Urbanites are divided up into descriptive categories, for example Ms Classic – timeless with eclectic notes and Mr Sophisticated – refined with woody and spicy notes intertwined, it means the whole experience of selecting the perfect scent is really exciting.

The lovely team at #ScentCity sent three gorgeous fragrances, for my Mum, Annabelle by Shelly Kyle, my boyfriend Francois Charles by Rancé 1795 and I chose Just Gold by Cuarzo The Circle.

I picked Annabelle which features in the Ms Friendly collection, for my Mum because her favourite flower in the world is Lily of the Valley.


After just one spray of the #nichescent my Mum said, “It’s sweet and reminds me of heavy trees in bloom.” Being the creative person that she is, she continued, “I can envisage Lily of the Valley in a church yard.”

I think it’s safe to say that my Mum was delighted with this choice of perfume especially as it also includes other floral notes such as Honeysuckle and Blue Peony. Personally, I believe this fragrance captures the wild and goddess like attributes of the woman who chooses to wear it.

As a guy who loves to smell good, Alex was excited to choose a fragrance which was timeless and will never lose its appeal. Francois Charles reflects its description exactly, with spice essence and a deep musky scent.


Featuring a beautiful blend of head notes including basil and lavender and heart notes of thyme, ginger and jasmine, to name a few, this manly scent is a true classic. Plus Francois Charles upholds its reputation as a luxurious #nichescent by hinting timless sophistication and heritage as the fragrance is bottled in a glass replica of a 200-year-old original, first designed in the 1800s by the Rancé family.

My fragrance of choice, was again one from The Urbanite’s classic range, this is probably because as you read above, I have been stuck in my ways of perfumery for a good few years, so a #nichescent which will always hint class and sophistication, regardless of style, fashion and change, was on my wish list.


Just Gold stood out to me by description because its heart notes consist of rose, magnolia and jasmine. If you read my blog, you will already know that rose is one of my favourite scents coupled with vanilla, so this floral themed perfume delights my sense of smell. Although, I love uplifting fruity body sprays, this fragrance is a complete contrast and a fabulously floral scent which will grow with me with time.

If you’re looking for a show stopping scent guaranteed to fit your personality, then The Urbanites collection of niche scents will have you covered.

To check out the full Urbanites range and find your perfect signature scent, head to their website here

Let me know which Urbanite you like the sound of, there’s so many to choose from! You can leave a comment below or tweet me.


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