The Love/Hate Tag

Why hello there lovely readers! I haven’t done a tag post before on my blog, so I am very excited to take part in The “Love/Hate” tag. Thanks a million to two of my favourite bloggers Lauren and Rach of The Flower That Blooms for nominating me, click here to read their post.


This tag is a really fun way for you to get to know me more, so I will be listing 10 things in the world that I love, and 10 things which I hate.

So here goes:

1. KETCHUP | For those of you who know me, you would probably have bet your worldy possessions on this beautiful invention appearing in my love list. No meal is complete without it (unless I am eating baked beans/spaghetti hoops/anything already containing tomato sauce of some kind).

2. Photographs | Pictures of my family, friends and places I’ve been mean the world to me and I love anything personalised, and constant reminders of the good times. When my boyfriend went away to America last summer, he sent me the most gorgeous bunch of roses and obviously (sadly) flowers don’t last forever, so he made a “Love Cube” as I like to call it 😉 and included a coloured picture of the beautiful flowers in all their glory, and the other five faces featured photographs of us together in black and white. For those of you who appreciate the sentimental/artistic side of it, thank you, for those of you who have just been sick because the idea is so soppy, I’m sorry hahaa.


3. Reading Quotes | My regular readers will know that one of my ways to relax involves scrolling through instagram and finding the perfect quote to match my mood. I recently wrote a post on Quotes You Need to Remember which you can find here.

4. The Beach/Going on Holiday | Whether it is summer, winter, rain or shine, the tranquillity of a beach is unrivalled. I was born in the most beautiful town of Bournemouth and grew up by seven miles of golden sand. Even just the other day, my boyfriend and I were on our hands and knees digging a moat and building a rather magnificent sand castle (if I do say so myself). Plus when we went to the Dominican Republic last year, I literally had to pinch myself, and couldn’t believe I was finally experiencing the white sand and turquoise ocean, it was pure paradise and a dream come true!


5. Shopping | Ever been in a situation where money is particularly tight and nothing seems to cheer you up, except, ironically, shopping?! Yeah that happens a lot, yet I still manage to convince myself that anything in the sale is SAVING me money, of course.

6. Playing Sport | So this past year I have been a bit lazy and not done loads of sport, but when we’ve played squash and badminton, I will admit that I get ultra competitive haha. I used to play hockey and netball almost every single day, and I am looking at joining the gym again.

7. Eastenders | YEP. I am one of them. I love it. I remember when I was younger, the second the big drums of the ending theme tune were blasted from the TV, I either reached for the phone or it started ringing before I could pick it up, and it would be my best friend Nicola. We would regroup after the episode we previously watched and try and predict what crazy thing would happen next to our favourite characters.

8. Zac Efron | It would be a crime not to list this beautiful male human being on my list. YUM-MEEEE.

9. Music | Music is everything and rarely a time goes by when I don’t have another gig or festival planned for the future (below is one of my favourite pictures from V Festival in 2013). In fact as I write this, I am listening to the gorgeous James Bay who I am seeing for a second time in October yay!


10. Alex | n’awwwwwww, yeah he’s my best friend, my boyfriend and my whole world (hope you still have that sick bucket?!)

1. Wrinkly Fingers | Okay, if you have read the “about me” side bar on my page, you will know that this one was sure to make the list. I HATE the feeling of them and look like some sort of alien when I have a bath and hold my hands out of the water, I’m shivering at just the thought of rubbing two water induced wrinkly fingers together. However, did you know that wrinkly fingers are a result of evolution? It’s a defence/survival mechanism, so that our body can sense when we have been in water a long time and therefore the wrinkles are to provide extra grip. So instead of freaking out, I should probably be marvelling at how intelligent our bodies are.

2. Rude people/Bad Customer Service | Service with a smile goes a long, long way, so I don’t understand how people can be so dismissive and rude.

3. Lorry Drivers | As my boyfriend’s mum said “we lost one of our nine lives” the other day when a lorry almost took us out by gliding into our lane and forcing us onto the hard shoulder, and in turn making our hearts race at a gazillion miles an hour. They use their weight, size and force to dominate the roads and for some reason insist on trying to overtake each other and causing a back log of cars. If I was Prime Minister, I would police the motorways and only allow lorries to travel in the one lane.

4. Kiss Asses | Whether they know it or not, kiss asses are unattractive people. They stick out like a sore thumb and no matter how sly and subtle they try to be, these people are a whole lotta cringe.

5. Meat & Fish | I would be a pretty rubbish vegetarian if I didn’t mention one of my biggest lifestyle choices. I haven’t eaten meat since I was eight years old, and even then it was in the shape of a turkey dinosaur. I just cannot comprehend how people can consume animals and fish and never will. You can read all about the FAQ that I have to encounter as a vegetarian here.


6. That Sunday Night, Back To School/Work Feeling | You know what I mean, when you’re still trying to complete your homework, and you just don’t want to sit in double maths on Monday morning, the Antiques Roadshow theme tune comes on and you feel like just screaming into a pillow. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a feeling that resides deep in your stomach and since working full time, I know the feeling still exists sometimes in the real world too.

7. Drugs | I have never, and will never touch drugs. Life is so precious and as we were taught at school, it takes one ill-fated drug to destroy your whole world and your friends and family’s with it.

8. Have you been involved in an accident? | You know the call, the withheld number, the “have you been involved in an accident within the last three years?” Need I say more?!

9. Traffic | OH MY GOSH. Sitting in standstill and wasting precious minutes/hours of my life. When just eight cars pass through a green light, I sit there calculating how much of my life has been wasted sat in neutral.

10. The Way the World is Going – Okay this one is quite deep and I will leave it with you to comprehend. But I recently read a quote on the New York Times from 2003 (so a little outdated but just as effective in its point) and it read, “Of the past 3,400 years, humans have been entirely at peace for 268 of them, or just 8 percent of recorded history”, now let that sink in…

On that thought provoking note, thank you so much for sticking with me until the end, and thanks again to the gorgeous Lauren and Rach for my nomination.

I now nominate:
Kate of Kiss me Kate
Jo of Jo the Cat Lady
Lauren of The Lifestyle Diaries
Zoe of Zoebowx
Victoria of Victoria Giggles
Clementine of Clem Loves

Have fun girls!

Love or hate any of the same things as me? Let me know in the comment box below or tweet me.


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Artemis Brew Review

Wake up and smell the CWOOFFEEEEE! Okay, so lately every time I say coffee, I kid myself and think I can pull off a very convincing New York accent, don’t believe me? Try it yourself…it’s just so fun to say!

Anywayyyy, swiftly moving on to the delicious point of this post, let me introduce to you, Artemis Brew. A little while ago my step-sister went to a food and drink festival in York and bought a refreshing, cold coffee drink from Artemis Brew and hasn’t stopped raving about it since!

For me, it has only been in the last four or five months that I’ve really taken to coffee and tried all sorts of different variations, so when my step-sister told me to check out Artemis Brew, I was so excited. The lovely team based in South Yorkshire sent me the cutest sample bottle and after being refrigerated and splashed over some ice cubes, it literally is the perfect remedy for waking you up, and refreshing you in the warm summer months.


I particularly love the name for the coffee as it beautifully mirrors the values of the company and their product, “Artemis was the Greek Goddess of nature and purity. We chose her because she embodies what we stand for; a drink that’s honest, natural and pure”. Artemis Brew are spot on with this description, the second you sip the coffee, and it glides over your taste buds, you can literally taste just how natural it actually is.

For those of you who fancy making your coffee Irish, the Artemis Brew team recommend a blend with whiskey. Plus my step-sister mixed it with a G&T, a combination which she said was gorgeous! I think the team may be onto a winner here regarding versatility, as my also brother tasted the coffee and discovered a magical irony. As a party loving student, he instantly smiled after he slurped the coffee up through the straw, and announced that it would cure a hangover to perfection.

The secret ingredient, always lay within the beans themselves, however Artemis Brew’s delicate, slow process of brewing the coffee over a 14 hour period, followed by a triple filter, to maximise quality, allows for the natural, divine flavours to be teased out for the ultimate taste.

So there you have it, a double whammey, fabulously, natural, refreshing summer drink and hangover cure all in one. What more could you possibly want?! 🙂

Coffee lovers, what are you waiting for? Check out their website and you’ll be in for a real treat, or chat to the team on twitter who will be happy to help you.

What do you think of Artemis Brew? Would you like to try it? Let me know in the comment box below or tweet me.


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London, Lush & Ed Sheeran

Hello everyone! Today’s post is written while I am still reeling from the excitement, and aching from all the walking from our hectic day in London. It’s a bit of a long post, but stay with me, it’s jam packed and if you missed out on tickets to see Ed Sheeran, it’s definitely worth a read!

It was a day I had been counting down to since December, when my amazing boyfriend gained a bazillion boyfriend points and gave me Ed Sheeran at Wembley tickets for Christmas! I had already seen him twice, once at V Festival and once at the not so glamorous Doncaster Dome, but knew he was unbelievable live. However, as you can probably imagine, there was something extra special about seeing him perform at Wembley Stadium for 90’000 people!

But before the hours of madness, singing and screaming commenced, it was time to do what we love doing most, and stroll around London being typical tourists…

Having stayed at my brother’s university house the night before, we were up ridiculously early to catch the train into central London. We first got together following a weekend in the capital two years ago, where we saw Mumford and Sons, before taking a stroll along the Thames past all the famous landmarks. Since then, this has become a summer time tradition, so naturally after leaving Waterloo, we headed straight for the river.


Unbeknown to us, we shared our romantic walk with the runners and spectators of the British Charity 10k London Vitality run, and picked up a couple of Union Jack flags along the way. After ooohing and ahhhing through the highly secured gates of Downing Street, we came across what we think was the changing of the guards. The most beautiful horses then proceeded down the Mall, and I am not going to lie, we hurriedly chased after them, just so I could have this very British photo haha 😉


Following our feeble attempt at running (good job we didn’t enter the 10k), we were famished so headed to Starbucks just off Oxford Street. Naturally, this area of London is renowned for shopping, but my heart breaks as I admit that we couldn’t buy anything. We had standing tickets for Ed Sheeran and so would be stupid to make lots of purchases only to probably have our shopping stolen/lost. So instead we spent a while just browsing in Forever 21 (WHEN are they going to open more stores across England??), New Look, Topshop, THE DISNEY STORE <3, Selfridges, and you betcha, THE LUSH STORE!

Alike many, MANY other bloggers, Lush holds a beautiful, colourful and delicious soft spot in my heart, so it was only natural that I made it a priority to find out what the hype was all about.

With products exclusive to the Oxford Street store, it was sad when I realised that none would be coming home with me that day. However, it didn’t stop us sniffing everything in sight. Plus, I was introduced to the exclusive bath oil bombs, which make the water and your skin so silky smooth… I have to admit there were some unusual combinations, for example shark infested custard!



After a good half an hour smelling everything, we decided to get some lunch ASAP as I had heard from friends on the previous nights that they struggled to find a table near to the stadium with all the other gig goers.

Following a 40 minute queue for a table, we pretty much inhaled our delicious meal at Prezzos, knowing that doors were soon to open and we needed to get ourselves lined up pronto, and it paid off! Bearing in mind there were tens of thousands of other people excited to see the man himself too, we gave ourselves a great pat on the back for our spot so close to the stage.



First up for our supports was Passenger (each of the three nights had different support acts). The folk singing, beautiful man who has been close friends with Ed Sheeran for years, warmed everyone up with a half an hour set. His song choices included his famous track ‘Let Her Go’ and ‘I Hate’ which is simultaneously a musical and comical delight – definitely worth a listen!

Next up One Republic. Personally, I was completely blown away by lead Ryan Tedder and the range of his voice! I was so happy when he transported us back to 2007 and played ‘Apologise’ (their hit with Timbaland), while throwing in a little of Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ for good measure. As they wrapped up their supporting set, I made a mental pact to see One Republic when they next tour :).

Finally, after more than six months of waiting, the time had come and bang on 8pm, Ed Sheeran strolled out in front of an adoring crowd following a collage of photos and videos of his youth and journey to international stardom.

He opened with ‘I’m a Mess’, ‘Lego House’ and ‘Drunk’, and it was already clear that the 90’000 strong crowd were high on his voice. Mesmerised by his captivating lyrics and ability to control his loop pedal, the stage and indeed the vibes, we knew that we were in for two hours of pure magic!

Having heard that Elton John made a surprise appearance on Friday night, we were in suspicion as to find out who our secret guest was, but like Saturday, it was just Ed and it really, honestly, truly did not matter. In fact, instead we were treated to a stunning performance of ‘Small Bump’ and timed to perfection, the whole crowd was right with Ed, word for word.

Now for a gigantic pull on the heartstrings, the perfect ginger combined his romantic ‘Kiss Me’ with his most recent gushy number ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and the whole stadium bathed in purple and pink lights as everyone raised their phones and flashes making the lyrics, ‘Take me into your loving arms Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars’ very fitting, n’awwwwwww.

With no special effects and just the screens behind him, it’s remarkable how a musician, who is arguably still at the very beginning of his career, could capture an audience so large, for such a long time. But each song, just made you forget everything else, erased all your worries and thoughts and made you appreciate and value the power of music, and just how talented Ed Sheeran actually is.

On a side note, at gigs, it can really be annoying when artists completely milk the break before the encore and take ages before gracing the stage once more, but not Ed, after just enough time to whip off his checked shirt and replace it with an England football one, he was back, guitar in hand.

With ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ came a broken loop pedal, and Ed Sheeran, like the professional he is had the situation completely under control, no sweat. Telling his support team to turn it off and fix it he then said, ‘I am not having this, we have a curfew, but I am not having this’ and proceeded to sing the beautiful ‘Parting Glass’ while his team fixed his equipment, before giving us the full, completely spine tingling version of ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’.

Encouraging those to lose their voices if they hadn’t already, he finished with his smash hit ‘Sing’ and left the crowd echoing his lyrics as he left the stage, closing on three fabulous, career defining performances at Wembley Stadium.

Will we be seeing Ed Sheeran again? Absolutely. Will we buy the tour DVD? Definitely. Do we both recommend you snap up tickets to see him if you haven’t already? OH YES.

What are your favourite things to do in London? Have you seen Ed Sheeran before? Let me know in the comment box below, or tweet me.


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