Quotes You Need To Remember

I know for a fact that I am not alone when it comes to surfing instagram for a fitting quote to reflect my mood. Whether I am feeling, happy, sad or in search of motivation, the hashtag #quote or #qotd always seems to make me feel better.

Being 22 I have so many choices, opportunities and decisions with no right or wrong way to go about them, yet I seem to find myself worrying something or other. So sometimes it’s therapeutic to sit back, relax and just be content with what we have, what we have achieved and look forward to the future with strength and encouragement.

I’ve put together a collection of some of my favourite quotes which are guaranteed to lift you up when you’re feeling down, inject you with a little inspiration or just generally help you along your way…


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Scent City Fragrance Bracelet Review

When it comes to beauty products, a gorgeous fragrance is high on the list of must have attributes. I need to be in love with the scent before I purchase something, and funnily enough this mantra has now extended itself to jewellery.

I know what you’re thinking, what is she on about? But honestly Scent City’s luxurious fragrance bracelet range, designed by entrepreneur, Lisa Hoffman is a real game changer.

What’s more, I am a really sentimental person and my charm bracelets are permanently fixed to my wrist, each bead/charm with a different meaning. So when Scent City approached me regarding their stunning fragrance bracelets I jumped at the opportunity to get involved and check out their selection.


Scent City offers five different bracelets to choose from, each with their own colours, scents and beaded design all by Lisa Hoffman.

Naturally, I was drawn to the Tuscan Fig Bracelet due to its warm tones, perfect for complimenting sun kissed skin. Plus, the fact that the beads are strung onto elastic means the fragrance bracelet fits my wrist perfectly and it strikes me as a dainty, elegant piece of jewellery.


My charm is a desirable rose gold colour and so is bang on trend, while also making a home to the scented beads (as pictured). In order to wear the bracelet in all its glory, simply pop a couple of the fragrance beads inside the charm and clip it together before reattaching it to the bracelet.

I literally can’t stop fiddling with my new accessory and keep breathing in the woody scent. What’s extra special about having a fragrance bracelet is that you can carry the scent around with you all day long, and don’t need to worry about needing to re-spray perfume on your skin.

Plus, this one in particular reminds me of being outdoors on a warm summer’s day as the evening starts to draw in and the breeze dies down, it omits a sense of bliss and tranquillity.

It’s relaxing and the coconut wood essence is complimented by vanilla (my regular readers will know that this is one of my favourite scents in the whole world), honeysuckle and obviously fig, given the name of the bracelet.

The light often catches on the amber beads and I love the stark contrast with the pops of white in the six stone additions, which match up with the three beautiful rose gold beads threading the pattern together.

What’s more, having chosen which bracelet design and fragrance best suits you, along with a jewellery purchase from Scent City; you will also receive the cutest pot full to the brim with beads to replenish your charm.


Also included in the collection is an enchanting wooden beaded design named Madagascar Orchid which boasts a floral scent infused with jasmine, ylang dew, mimosa mood and pink peony. Doesn’t this just sound divine?

To view the full collection click here.

Scent City offer a beautiful range of products blended with the highest quality of ingredients, while also ensuring that there is something unique to offer both men and women. In addition to their fragrance bracelets, the company also stock fragrance earrings and necklaces, perfect for a little seduction and sophistication.

Head to their website to browse their products, or follow them on twitter. Plus you can get an amazing 10% discount on your purchases with the code sc10 🙂

I am so excited by the fragrance bracelet concept as it combines two of my favourite things, bracelets and gorgeous scents, what do you think of the idea? Let me know in the comments box below or tweet me.


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First Ever Holiday to Center Parcs

So today’s post is fresh from the rapids at Center Parcs and comes with a hint of sun kissed skin and full of happy memories.

This week I ticked something off my bucket list and stayed with my boyfriend and his family (there were 11 of us in total) for five days at the Center Parcs situated in Robin Hood’s region of Sherwood Forest.

If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen some of my updates (when I found a scrap of signal) on the wild life and beautiful scenery, but in this bumper blog post I am letting you in on all the fun we managed to slot into our marvellous mid week break.

Despite only driving 15 miles down the road from my boyfriend’s parents house, it felt like we had said goodbye to the real world and found our own woodland haven, especially as we were so, SO lucky with the weather and blessed with dizzy heights of 30 degrees.


On arriving at 10am we had a good five hours before we could head to our secluded villas, and so there was only one thing for it, to head to the subtropical paradise dome (anyone who has been to Center Parcs will probably rave about this) and hit the rapids.


With a swimming style suited to everyone’s needs from young to old we spent hours and hours in the pool with the only concern being just how wrinkly my fingers were going! (My regular readers will have spotted that in my about me section this is one of my world’s most dislikes!).

The rapids commence outside in the glorious sunshine and propel you as you meander under bridges and past relaxing water jets before hitting the slides on the way back into the dome (SO MUCH FUN!).


Some of us were feeling brave (or mad) and immersed ourselves in the plunge pool outside which was just 16-19 degrees, a vast difference from the tropical dome. Admittedly, I made a very feeble attempt and only braved the cold once, call me a scardy cat, but I dare you to try it first!

Inside the famous dome itself are kiddies slides, Jacuzzis, The Grand Cascade (a raft ride) and a huge pool which every so often saw swimmers roar with laughter as they were bounced up and down by the wave machine.

For all you hard core swimmers and fitness fanatics there is a lane pool/activity pool where you can really work out without feeling a sweat including a session of Aqua Zumba.

What’s more, the Canopy Bar next to the pool does the most amazing pizza baguettes, chips and milkshakes, I may or may not now be hooked on a blend of Oreo and Jelly Tots, mmm.

After a mammoth swimming session which was all included in our price to stay at Center Parcs, we hit our modern, lovely and open plan villas and I couldn’t believe just how much wild life came into the back garden (aka the forest). You might have seen mentions of Rio on social media, our hedgehog who ventured into our house… what an absolute cutie he was!



Although we chose to make the most of the self catered facilities, which included a space for bbqs, there are so many places on site to dine out. I know some of our gang enjoyed burgers at Hucks. Plus if you don’t have all your food shopping with you, there is a ParcMarket, although be wary as some things can be a little pricey!



Center Parcs boasts more than 200 activities* and we took full advantage of the water sports on the lake in the form of pedalos, katakanus and paddle boards, an activity which was so refreshing in the rare, yet scorching English sunshine. Right by the water’s edge is a man-made beach with the softest sand and multiple play parks, but it would be a crime not to mention Center Parc’s sugary institution, The Pancake House which has outdoor dining with a perfect view over the lake.



Although the lake is home to multiple activities it is also shared by fish and hungry ducks, geese and other birds. One evening, we bought a loaf of bread from the parc market and had to stand on a picnic bench to take refuge as we fed the snappy geese and ducks which surrounded us. If you’re looking for a wild life themed adrenaline activity, I would suggest this as one of them haha!


With Wimbledon in full swing, I am not going to lie we did fancy ourselves as Andy Murrays and dabbled in a spot of tennis and were further inspired by the racket sport that we played badminton the same evening at the Jardin Des Sports. This is located near to the Village Square where you will find all the shops, restaurants and bars. You can also play table tennis, go roller skating, and play pool to name just a few!


I think at one point I described the holiday as ‘not a relaxing trip, but a ‘you’re going to get bruised and battered’, but enjoy it holiday’, because we took part in so many sports and loved it! We hit the driving range twice and smacked as many balls as possible as far as we could up at the Country Club.

In addition to our daily session in the pool, it was amazing just to go on walks around the resort and lap up the picturesque scenery. Come rain or shine, (yes we did get wet in down pours of thundery showers despite being blessed with a perfect week of sunshine), the woods, lakes and wildlife made for a blissful and tranquil break in the depths of Sherwood Forest.




We couldn’t believe it when it was time to say goodbye on the Friday, or perhaps it was a more of a ‘see ya later’ as I am already thinking about booking our next trip to Center Parcs, especially as there are SO many more activities I want to try!

*The subtropical paradise dome as mentioned is included in the price of your stay at Center Parcs. While I think some activities could have been a little cheaper (full prices are on their website), I think you can definitely make the most of your visit while you’re there, with so much space and lovely walks explore too.

Which resorts have you been to? What was your favourite activity? Let me know in the comment box below or tweet me.


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The Next Chapter

Hiya lovely readers and fellow bloggers, so today I just wanted to explain why I might be a little quiet on here over the next couple of weeks (don’t miss me too much) 😉 But right now, I am going through an exciting/scary crossroads in my life as I finish the chapter on the past four years and start the next one…


In September 2011 I embarked on the greatest journey of my life and moved to Sheffield for university. Through the massive highs and stress fuelled lows, I met some amazing people and some I will stay friends with forever. I guess this is where my obsession with social media plays an important role, because I receive constant reminders from Timehop of all the fabulous opportunities and experiences we had during our degree. What’s more, graduation was a monumental day and it still hasn’t hit me that I actually have a degree in journalism.


During this past year my boyfriend has been completing his masters (in fact he is sitting his final exam as I write this) and I have been working at a finance company. While it wasn’t a job which I particularly set my sights on, the people made it and I will miss them so much. In fact the gorgeous notebook featured in the picture above is just one of the beautiful leaving gifts I received from my team <3.

Later today, we are leaving Sheffield to go on another adventure and are heading to beautiful Venice for four days. I literally cannot wait and will probably return home resembling half pizza-half pasta after stuffing my face with two of my favourite dishes.

I have been lucky enough to visit Venice before, however I was much younger and feel I will appreciate it more now that I am fast approaching 23 (#scarymary). I am looking forward to getting intentionally lost and discover hidden gems off the beaten tourist track. Of course I will be bringing you on this adventure too so watch this space!

Plus, to be perfectly honest I can’t wait for sunshine either, you know when you step off a plane and the humidity hits you and warms all your bones? Yeah, that. I can’t wait for that yipeeee.


Our holiday will undoubtedly flash by in the blink of an eye (do you sometimes wish you could pause time too?), and we will soon be returning to the Steel City and packing up the rest of our amazing apartment (hence why I might find it hard to fit in much blogging). We’ve had so many people come to stay and hang out with us this year, and it’s been so much fun! I can’t quite believe we will be wrapping everything up. I’ve been out of education a year now and I guess I never really took the time to say goodbye to Sheffield properly as I knew I was coming back for a year, but now it feels so, so strange.

But now for the happy, looking to the future part, I will finally be moving home to the South Coast and will spend the summer lapping up the Bournemouth sunshine (to find out why it is so amazing click here). It is no secret that I am proud of my hometown and am constantly showing pictures of the beaches to people who gasp and say ‘what?! That looks like a photo from abroad’, and it’s true.

Anyone who has visited or is lucky enough to have seven miles of golden sand as their back garden will tell you it’s not far off paradise, come rain or shine. Don’t believe me? click here or even better, come see for yourself…


After a couple of weeks unpacking and hopefully decorating my room (my boyfriend’s moving in, so I feel my very much girly purple walls and pink carpet need to be given a little makeover), taking part in car boot sales (they are surprisingly so much fun) and spending A LOT of time on the beach, we are then off to Center Parcs.

Woooohoooo! I have never been away on holiday to Center Parcs before so I am super excited to be going with my boyfriend’s family and all their boyfriends/girlfriends – we are staying at the Sherwood Forest resort in Nottingham and I have heard amazing things about the Rapids! 🙂

So basically, my intention is to chill out, have fun and appreciate this month I have off catching up with family and friends before the hunt is on for a job. I will be spending some time on my blogging too, but admit and wanted to pre-warn you that the schedule might just go out the window haha.

As always thanks a million for reading and supporting my little space on the Internet, let me know what you’re up to this summer in the comment box below or tweet me, because I am always looking for adventures and love finding inspiration.

Plus don’t forget I have a giveaway live here, where you could win some gorgeous pastel nail varnish shades, just in time for the height of summer.


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