Barry M Nail Varnish Giveaway

Hello you lovely bloggers & readers and welcome to my first ever give away!

To celebrate almost six months of this amazing blogging journey, I wanted to host a mini treat and give something back to you all.

I can’t stress enough how much it means to me when you guys tell me that you love my blog, or enjoyed reading my latest post. Every like, comment, share, RT and smiley face reassures me that I have found an incredible hobby and passion which I can proudly call my own.

So thanks a million to each and every one of you and good luck in entering this competition to win rather a beautiful pair (if I do say so myself, I have these two) of perfect pastel Barry M Hi Shine nail varnishes (Sky Blue & Fondant). These will look absolutely divine with a glowing tan on both your toes and fingers nails – just in time for summer!

Just follow the instructions below on the one and only Rafflecopter! 🙂


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Isle of Light Candle Review

As some of you probably know, my heart belongs on the South Coast of England.

So when I came across the gorgeous candle company, ‘The Isle of Light’, based on, you guessed it, The Isle of Wight, (an ingenious name in my eyes), I knew that I would love their candles as they are made with the same adoration for the surrounding natural beauty as I have.


What’s more, back at home it seems unnatural to relax of an evening without a fragrance candle burning and flooding our flat with beautiful scents, they completely transform the atmosphere into a haven of tranquillity. So I am extremely excited to be able to combine two of my loves in this world, candles and the stunning South Coast, thanks to the lovely and talented Keeleigh.

At just 17-years-old she decided to take the courageous step to channel her hobby and passion into a thriving candle making business with a beautiful difference. The Isle of Light’s luxury candles are all individually produced using the finest fragrance oils and clean, renewable Soy Wax. I love trying new things, so I’ve enjoyed making a refreshing change and branching out from using candles created using paraffin wax.

So when the innovative Keeleigh sent me a beautiful Strawberry & Rhubarb votive candle from her collection, I was intrigued by the soy wax composition and delicious, rich blend of freshly picked fruit. What’s more, from the very second I opened the parcel I was captivated by the fragrance and without even setting it alight, the candle charmed the room.


One thing which is essential for any candle lover is value for money, and the enchanting scent of my Strawberry and Rhubarb (2oz) boasts a very generous 15 hour burn time. Another luxurious benefit is the fact that the soy wax is burnt at a lower temperature meaning that the infused fragrance releases into the air over a longer period of time before it burns off completely.

What I love so much about the Isle of Light selection is that the blends of fragrances are not only impressive in their own right, but they are also infused with inspiration from the island.

I already have my eye on The Needles, probably another one of my favourites from the collection simply based on what it represents. The candle is named after a breathtaking geographical landmark just off the coast of The Isle of Wight.

Described as a ‘clean, fresh and invigorating smell of a crisp winter’s day’, I definitely think The Needles will be next on my list for the chillier months (not that I am wishing summer away!). Infused with lime, menthol, pine, eucalyptus and lavender, again this candle’s distinctive blend is sure to provide a delicious scent.

Plus The Isle of Light is such a beautiful company and its luxurious products are affordable for everyone, with the votives priced at £5, medium candles at £8 and the large at £13 (with 45 hours burn time!) there is a fabulous fragrance candle for every budget.

In addition to my gorgeous candle, the lovely Keeleigh sent me a sneaky preview of her next venture (coming soon), wax melts, mmm. These are Spiced Chocolate and I have to be SO careful not to accidentally eat them, they look like delicious luxury chocolates. Again, The Isle of Light stays true to its premise and incorporates a local touch with a simple yet effective shell shape. The Spiced Chocolate fragrance is also available in candle form which you can find online.



So if you are looking for a new flame to relax in the bath with, or tempted by one of The Isle of Light’s unusual yet beautiful fragrances then head to their website or chat to the lovely Keeleigh on twitter who will be sure to help you choose which candle will best suit your tastes.

Already burning an Isle of Light luxury candle? Let me know in the comment box below, or tweet me. I love hearing what you all think, or if you decide to take a peek at the selection, be sure to keep me updated on your purchases, I already have a few more on my list…


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Marco’s #ShareSundays Menu Launch

Hi guys! So today’s post is a bit of a new one for me because I’ve not really written about food before, other than the fact that I am vegetarian.

However, when the lovely team at Marco’s (Marco Pierre White’s New York Italian Diner) in Sheffield, invited me to their restaurant for their #ShareSundays menu launch, I was so excited.


I had already been for dinner at Marco’s with some of my family and boyfriend and we had a great time with the friendly waiters, and good food (we stuffed our faces with three courses and I seem to remember a large cheeky slice of cheesecake!)

So this time round I was delighted when I could take three friends with me. I chose my boyfriend, step-sister and her husband.


When we arrived at the #ShareSundays launch, people were already tucking into the delicious food, and looking around I was becoming increasingly hungry by the second.

We sat at a lovely round table and chose two sharing platters to start, which were jam packed with a whole selection of delicious starters.

Fresh from the kitchen, the slate plates were extremely well presented with our starter (something which is every blogger’s dream) and were raised above the table, perfect for sharing with each other.


Naturally, I devoured the bruschetta (I would probably win gold if bruschetta eating was an Olympic sport – it’s my absolute favourite!) Marco’s bruschettas were displayed so delicately and the tomatoes were super juicy. I was also a fan of the loaded cheesy jacket skins.


For those of you who like fish, I now quote Zoe, “the calamari is awesome! It’s really well cooked”. Plus, last time we went, I seem to remember Alex raving about the calamari too!

The starter also included melon, parma ham and bbq chicken wings.

For the big one, aka the main meal, I chose the only vegetarian option on the menu, Red Onion Marmalade and Goats Cheese Tart. Again, the waiters brought a beautifully presented dish topped with watercress. (Being honest, as a vegetarian I would have liked to have seen another option on the menu).


However, living up to the name of the day, #ShareSundays, Zoe and Alex enjoyed tucking into a piece of my meal too as I let them try the alternative to the meat selections, both admitted they were extremely tempted by the “gorgeous goats cheese”.

Alex, Zoe and Steve made a wise decision to each go for a different roast so that they could share the meats between them and have an opportunity to taste everything.


I know for one that Steve was especially pleased with the beef, “The beef was the star of the show!”


What Sunday dinner would be complete without a Yorkshire Pudding? Well these came in a generous size and were complimented by the colourful selection of roasted vegetables. We were served an array of carrots, sugar snap peas, parsnips, red cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli.



As tradition goes, the roast potatoes were cooked in fat which meant I could not have any, so that would be my only criticism of the veg, everything else was extremely delicious.

Now, it’s time for the question that’s probably been on your lips from the beginning – dessert.


You can’t go far wrong with a sticky chocolate pudding; the difficult part is standing out. But for me, Marco’s chocolate offering came up trumps. It was soft, warm, smothered in rich chocolate sauce and melted in my mouth mmm.


While Zoe and I practically licked our plates clean, the guys demolished a portion of sticky toffee pudding each which I also had a little taste of, and found it divine. Plus, our chosen sweets were set off nicely by a few scoops of vanilla ice-cream.

It was so much fun being able to share our food together and “oooo” and “ahhh” as the restaurant chose to present each course differently. By doing something so simple, we had an amazing afternoon and felt welcomed by the staff who were really friendly (hence the perfectly timed photo bomb) and attentive, they made no hesitation when we asked for more gravy and cranberry sauce.


At an amazing price of just £16pp for the three courses, you would be mad to miss a #ShareSundays (12-6pm).

So if you are out and about in Sheffield or planning on visiting the city sometime soon, be sure to make your lunchtime reservations at this foodie hotspot.


And for those of you who are a fan of the man himself, you have the opportunity to meet him! On Wednesday 27th May you can join him for a three course dinner, as well as receiving a fabulous signed apron to take home with you (£50pp for the evening).

What’s more, you lucky, lucky people can also dine with 50% off Monday-Saturday 12-5pm (throughout May), click here for the menu and be sure to head to their website to print off the voucher for when you visit.


To grab a slice of the action (yeah, I went there ;)) head to their website, call 0114 399 0990, or head to theirtwitter.

Have you been to Marco’s? Which dish would you devour from the menu? Let me know what you think of this brand new menu in the comment box below or tweet me.


**Disclaimer: Marco’s invited us to this event free of charge, everything in this article contains our honest opinions, and we would like to thank the Marco’s team for a lovely afternoon!**

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Stylfile 2 Review

Glamorous nails are the perfect accessory to any outfit whether you are dressed up or have chosen a casual look.

With so many different types of nail polishes on the market, there is a colour, texture and design for every occasion.

But what about nail maintenance, the bread and butter of a perfect manicure? Splitting a nail is ultimately a girl’s nemesis and can make or break a look.

What’s more, dirty nails are a no no and as I have recently learnt, healthy cuticles are a must.

There’s so much to think about when it comes to managing a beautiful look for your fingers, so thankfully the brilliant engineer and inventor Tom Pellereau has come up with a tool to answer the prayers of the female world.


Tom, who won The Apprentice back in 2011 has teamed up with the one and only Lord Sugar to create theStylfile range.

Upon attending #thecitygirls event last month, which you can read about here, I was gifted an extremely generous goodie bag and in it was the amazing Stylfile 2.

This genius 3-in-1 product combats three nail woes in seconds by transforming your shapeless and uneven edges into perfectly rounded nails, releases trapped dirt and pushes back your cuticles.

S Shape File | The S shape of the file is nothing new to Stylfile, as their first product was a simple S-line nail file, this revolutionary design allows for controlled filing even with your non-dominant hand, by following your nail’s natural shape.


Cuticle Pusher | Healthy, non-intrusive cuticles improve the appearance of your nails whether they are natural or painted and the cuticle pusher gently pushes them back to reveal more of your newly grown nail.


Under-nail Skimmer | Now, as I have said before, dirt under the nails is not the one, so the other end of the S-file which is named as an ‘under-nail skimmer’ releases trapped dirt with ease.


I love this product not only because it is multi-purpose and files my nails like a dream come true, but the under-nail skimmer also means I am no longer attacking my nails with scissors/tweezers.

Also despite being a nail polish addict, I have never really thought about the difference pushing back my cuticles will make, but I love it and the Stylfile will be my mobile go-to manicurist.

Finally, one of Tom’s other products (a similar S line file and moisturising oil combo) has recently been featured in Cosmo as one of the beauty products that will revolutionise your life, and so with my shiny Stylfile 2, I know I am in good hands (sorry, haha, I had to!) ;).

To check out what other amazing products Stylfile create, click here.

To be a part of The City Girls click here.

Have you tried one of Stylfile’s creations before? What do you think? Would you like to try this product? Let me know in the comment box below or tweet me @charlottesid.


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