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While you’re starting up in the blogging world, you probably feel like a rabbit in headlights and unsure of which crossroad to take. There are so many different blogs, designs, topics and styles of writing and taking photographs. You really do have to carry out some research and get creative in order to find your individual niche. Along the way you will probably stumble across a few bloggers/vloggers who you feel you can perfectly relate to.

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For me, and quite clearly millions of other girls around the globe, Tanya Burr was one of them. By the way, for those of you who are completely lost and don’t know who or what I am on about, Tanya is a lifestyle, beauty and fashion vlogger. After watching one video on her YouTube channel you will find yourself captivated by her energy and agree that she is a genuine, down to earth person, I know I was hooked.

So as you can imagine when I heard that Tanya was releasing a book I was both excited and curious as to what content would be in it. You’ll be pleased to know, I was impressed. Miss Burr’s début release oozes her contagious personality and I could almost hear and picture her as I flicked through the beautifully designed pages.

I found it so addictive and managed to read it cover to cover in just one weekend. ‘I wanted to write a book to share the things I’ve learnt with you – to reveal my top tips on fashion, beauty, love, friendship, YouTube and loads more,’ Tanya writes in the blurb. She’s not wrong either! Love, Tanya is jam packed with 12 chapters including a mouth-watering baking section in which she shares her scrumptious recipes including some vanilla star-sprinkled cupcakes which look absolutely divine.

What I think is most important though, is the section entitled ‘Confidence and Happiness’ which provides something which everybody, whatever their age can relate to. I read this section when I was feeling particularly down and it really did make me feel so much better. Throughout the book Tanya lists a lot of ‘Top 10s’ and her ‘Top 10 Ways of Dealing with Anxiety and Stress’ list really helped me. She highlights that no matter how hard things are or how down you are, your situation won’t be the same in a few hours or the next day, which is so true. 🙂

As far as appearance goes, the design is minimalistic but beautiful. It’s hard to explain, but the photographs of Tanya which introduce each new chapter, completely capture exactly what it is that has made her so popular. Plus, in one of her recent blogs Tanya admitted that she took the photos in the baking section of the book herself which definitely reinforces the fact that the book is from the bottom of her heart.

I found the writing style quite simplistic partly because I am at the top end of the target age range, but saying this, a lifestyle book needs to be clear and engaging. Throughout each chapter, Tanya encourages you to interact and write down your own ideas, dreams and favourite products, songs or things to do etc, which is a really sweet idea because, after all, who doesn’t love a good list? I know I do!

In today’s world, this book has a perfect place. For the younger generation, having a role model to not only look up to, but who is also accessible, is fundamental. Social media and the internet can be a dark place, so happy, creative vloggers such as Tanya Burr are an extremely important outlet in which we can escape to and enjoy interacting with. Twitter in particular allows us to communicate with bloggers and indeed each other, in a way in which we have never been able to do before, which is so exciting! 🙂

For anyone thinking of starting a blog, it is important to remember that the successful, almost celeb-like YouTubers and bloggers are essentially, just like us. They have no specific talent other than simply being themselves both on camera and in their writing, which is something which we can all do. The hard part is having the confidence to throw yourself out there to be heard. I know from experience that when I first created my blog, I was extremely nervous and worried about what people would think, but at the end of the day it is a brave thing to share your thoughts with the world, and I think more people should take the jump!

So if you have a blog, love reading blogs, or fancy losing yourself in something fun and uplifting then I would definitely recommend ordering a copy of Love, Tanya. Personally, I think it is just the thing to encourage not only teenage girls, but every one of us to embrace all that we are and not be afraid to dream big too.

Have you read Tanya’s book? If so, let me know what you thought of it by tweeting me or commenting 🙂


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Soap & Glory – An Amazing Beauty Bargain

Like most girls, I LOVE getting brand new make-up/toiletries and you can never, ever have too much!

So I am so grateful to my boyfriend’s mum for keeping a close eye on the Boots bargains, after buying me a gorgeous set for Christmas, she also managed to snap up this amazing Soap and Glory hamper in the January sales.

The ‘Next Big Thing’ Hamper designed by illustrator Hattie Stewart, is crammed with full sized goodies, and when I took a peek inside, it felt like a mini Christmas as I discovered all the gorgeous products.


In the past I have used Soap and Glory products on my skin either in the shower, or afterwards with different post-bath moisturisers, but now I am taking it to a whole new level by dipping my toe in their make-up collection too!

Like my Ted Baker bath-time bundle, I adore the packaging and I am keeping the box to store my beauty products in. Plus the candy pink drawstring bag will definitely come in handy when I am travelling home and need something to carry my shampoo and conditioners in.

So let’s get down to business and indulge ourselves in the Soap and Glory magic!

The Sugar Crush and Body Scrub £10.50 | OH MY GOD. On first impressions, this one is already a winner! It smells absolutely divine and reminds me of the lime flavoured Starburst/Opal Fruit (depending what you know them as), and I may or may not have come close to licking it… With a natural combination of smashed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains this thick fruity syrup is amazing at waving bye-bye to dead and dry skin leaving it as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Plus in case I hadn’t mentioned the smell is sooo deliciously good!


The Righteous Butter £10.00 | I don’t know what it is about moisturisers but they always remind me of summer. I think it’s because when I have a tan I become obsessed with trying to maintain it, and apply coats of moisturiser two or three times a day. While this one promises to be extra kind to dry skin, I can’t fully vouch for this as my skin is fairly oily and rarely screams for moisturiser. However, I can reveal that this sumptuous tub of shea butter and aloe vera works wonders in leaving my skin silky smooth after a bath.


Off Your Face, 3-in-1 daily purifying cloths £4.50 | After making a conscientious decision five months ago, to not use wipes to remove my make-up, my skin has seen an amazing transformation. So as you can imagine, I am a little nervous about using these purifying cloths. However, Soap and Glory explain that they will ‘cleanse, tone, and – if you employ a little bit of pressure – exfoliate your face’. While my skin is in such a good place at the moment, I think I am going to keep hold of these and save them when I really need to take my make-up off in a rush or am at a festival. It must be noted however, that the cloths do carry a gorgeous sweet smelling scent as they are infused with peach, mmm.


Orangeasm Body Wash £6.50 | It’s always so nice when you fall in love with a product and just before you run out of it you can find it again at a cheaper price. Kerching! What’s more, in this case, I can back Soap and Glory when they say that this product is ‘zesty-fresh and revitalizing’. I use it every time I have a shower and always step out feeling super clean and smelling lovely.

Whipped Clean Luxe Cream Wash, Shower Butter £8.00 | As I have told you guys in the past, vanilla is one of my favourite smells in the whole world, so this item was no doubt going to rank highly on the list. Soap and Glory probably wrote the note on the back that reads ‘Warning: This is not a food, it’s a body wash’ for people like me who might get carried away and have a little taste haha. I am currently still using my Orangeasm body wash at the moment, but this shower butter will be my next indulgence.


Hand Dream Super Cream £7.00 | This is the type of cream you can get addicted to and shea butter is just the best! As some of you may know (it is written in my about me section), I hate having wrinkly fingers either after a bath or due to hand creams, but this Super Cream absorbs really quickly and means it is actually a pleasure to moisturise my hands rather than a traumatic, icky experience. Winner!

Heel Genius Foot Cream £5.50 | Judging by what other beauty bloggers have said in their reviews and just generally on twitter, this Soap and Glory product is completely magic. Whenever someone has mentioned a foot cream, it always seems to be this one. I have used it a couple of times in the past, but not regularly enough I don’t think for it to make a huge difference (I am lazy sometimes), but as summer creeps up on me I will be joining all you girls, and turning to this wonder moisturiser daily, to prep my feet for the beach and flip flops (yay).


Butter Yourself – Moisture Lotion £10.50 | This is ‘every girls, every day essential’ as said by my friend Erin (who is also a massive Soap and Glory fan). She’s right, after you have pampered yourself with the Sugar Crush Body Scrub (remember how I told you that it smells like Starburst?), you need to replenish the moisture in your skin with a smother of this fruity cream.


Thick & Fast Mascara £10.00 | As I said at the beginning of this post, this is my first experience of the Soap and Glory make-up range for years, (I used to have the Solar Powder bronzer and highlighter about four years ago) and I was pleasantly surprised. At the moment, mascaras are playing a big part in my eye make-up and the bigger the lashes the better (without going fake), this one is a pleaser. I am currently using Lancome’s, but am going to switch to this one as I am so impressed with it, happy customer 🙂

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer £7.00 | In a quest for luscious lips, again I am surprised by the effect of this lip lacquer. It makes your lips look perfectly plump and for someone who doesn’t wear lipstick (I don’t think it rightly suits me), this is a compromise. I love the bold colour, the only downside is that it could last a little longer on the lips, so you would definitely need to take it with you on a night out (just don’t lose it!).


If you need any more convincing about Soap and Glory products, my friend Erin says ‘There’s not much to say, they all smell lovely! They are really good sizes too, it’s so nice to find gift sets with full sized products instead of minis. I know what I am getting my mum for her birthday’.

So if you’re on the lookout for a birthday present, or perhaps are even a keen bean and thinking about the perfect Mother’s Day gift, then save 10% when you spend £75 at Boots, with myvouchercodes, and snap up a Soap and Glory bargain.

Tried and tested any other Soap and Glory products? What else should I be using? Let me know what they are in the comment box  or tweet me. I would love to hear what you guys are loving at the moment! 🙂


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