Confessions of a Blogaholic

When we are little or in our teens we do a lot of mischievous and cheeky things which now as a twenty-something-year-old, I have learnt, can be pretty darn annoying/horrible/silly! I will now confess to you a number of the naughty things I did as a youngster and which I am yet to say sorry for, some are harsher than others, but I hope I am forgiven 😉

I am sorry for all the times…

♡ I ran past a crossing, pressed the button so that the lights turned red when I had no intention of crossing the road.
As a driver who has to commute in rush hour traffic and someone who is always praying for the lights to stay green a little longer, I now understand how infuriating it can be…oops.

♡ I was in a supermarket and thought it was my prerogative to ‘try before you buy’ at the pic ‘n’ mix stand.
I can definitely remember on one occasion sneaking a chocolate raisin, I want to say that it was because I wanted to be sure they weren’t the dreaded rival, (chocolate peanuts-umm, gross!) but truth be told I can’t remember buying any afterwards.

Well we all know that stealing is wrong, a criminal offence in fact, but who would want to hurt a normally innocent 10-year-old? 😉

♡ I stuck chewing gum to the bottom of the desk at school.
Eurgh, yuck, gross. Even I am disgusted at myself, but I thought I was ever so rebellious and simply following in the footsteps of such daring students who sat at that desk once before me… and to those of you who are crying out that you never did such a thing at school, well, your nose just grew 😉


♡ I am sorry for the one particular time when I wrote in my beautiful purple velvet note book.
It was divided into three sections, a gorgeous note pad in the centre third, a sweetly decorated pocket in the inside cover and completing the set was a slightly slimmer note pad with the words ‘My Wish List’ written at the top. I can’t remember how old I was exactly but I loved this writing set and wrote out wishes quite frequently, ripped out the page and tucked it inside the pocket, hoping it would come true.

However, on one completely horrible occasion (and I don’t know what possessed me), I decided it would be ever so charming of me to write in big letters on a piece of paper from the wish list:


Years and years later, we made this discovery and my whole family can laugh about it now, but by god was I a bitchy sister, haha. So yeah, James, I am really sorry 😉

♡ I am sorry for the time it was a lovely sunny day and I decided to skip school and head to the beach.
For some stupid reason I asked another of my friend’s to explain to the teacher that I couldn’t possibly attend school because the night before I got hit on the head with a basketball and was subsequently suffering. Pfffffft, like my teacher believed a word of it, haha but to be fair I had a marvellous beach day with another friend who I couldn’t possibly name and shame 😉

♡ I am sorry for the time I threw fruit in the road for passing cars to dodge (or squish).
Again, I can’t remember how old I was but my house at home in Bournemouth is in quite a quiet location and children are often seen ‘playing out’. On one particular summer’s evening I remember the fun and frolics I had with my neighbour.

We sat together on the pavement at the side of the road, eagerly anticipating cars to drive past (this was probably a bit dangerous – don’t play in the road kids!)), but while we waited we delicately placed handfuls of fruit which had fallen from a nearby tree, in the middle of the road. For some strange reason we got so much joy out of watching and hearing the cars drive past squashing every piece as they went. Why? I hear you ask, well, I really couldn’t tell you haha, but it probably worried the drivers a little as they went crunch, crunch, crunch over them all, again, oops.

♡ Finally, for the handful of times (I actually loved school) I didn’t do my homework.
However, when confronted by my teacher, I simply ‘admitted’ that my work was on my memory stick and I had left it at home. I guess you could say it was the modern day version of ‘my dog ate my homework’, so in other words, I was a little genius ;).

So there you have it my fellow bloggers and lovely readers, my ever so sweet confessions of my youth. I now nominate the beautiful Kate Harden-England , one of my best friends and fellow blogger, to reveal her confessions of a blogaholic. XO.

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Ted Baker’s Bath-time Bundle

When it comes to Ted Baker bags, underwear and accessories I am in love. The bright colours, floral patterns and complimenting pastels are right up my street. So when it came to beauty products I couldn’t resist.

For my birthday I was lucky enough to receive a set of nail varnishes and some toiletries from my Mum. Naturally, the quality of these items was initially a mystery to me as I am not usually one to steer away from solely health beauty brands.

However, I was pleasantly surprised, and bathing in the gorgeous body wash and bath foam kept my skin silky smooth for ages. The nail varnishes are amazing too and I frequently use the silver glittery polish to jazz up a bold base coat.

This is where my beautiful Ted Baker beauty box comes into play, a Christmas present from my lovely boyfriend.


Before I show you what’s inside, I just want to say how much I adore the boxes that the products come in, so much so that I would love to find some matching wallpaper to decorate my bedroom in one day, (a girl can dream)!

They’re also brilliant for storing make-up and nail varnishes, making sure that they are kept neat, tidy and looking pretty.

Inside we find a toiletry bag with what looks like a very girly yet retro version of the houses in Balamory, so so cute!

The Body Wash
Oh boy does this smell good! A sweet blend of red fruit and floral scents. From experience I know that TB”s body wash leaves your skin smelling absolutely gorgeous for hours.

The Bath Foam
Made with vanilla and rose (my favourites) amongst others, this bubbly beauty is the perfect formula for a bath set to wash all that stress away at the end of the day.


The Soap
It’s so pretty I didn’t want to unwrap it! Normally, I am not a huge fan of block soap for some reason, but this one is particularly attractive with the TB logo engraved on the front -so it would be a shame to ruin it – maybe I can just sit and sniff the soap instead, mmm haha (I’m joking – sort of).



The Hand Cream
It’s only recently that I’ve started to try and take better care of my hands and make certain that my nail varnish is chip free (I used to be so lazy), so this velvety Shea-butter infused cream is ideal to moisturise my hands.


The Body Lotion
Moisturising lotions and potions are one of my favourite health/beauty products. I can’t stand scaly skin, especially in summer (when more of you is on show). I used up all of my TB cream just before Christmas, so this addition to the bath box is the perfect replacement. It also carries the same fruity scent as the body wash – a winning bath time combo!


The Body Scrub
Scrubadubdub. Unlike some exfoliators this one isn’t gritty and completely sand-like, instead it’s thick consistency and soft texture gently remove all of my dry and dead skin.


IMG_2620The Body Soufflé
‘Body Soufflé’ always sounds rather posh to me, and so it should. I could use a pea sized amount or the whole pot and my skin is left feeling first class.


So if you’re looking for a new brand to try or simply want to bathe in luxury then the sumptuous scents of Ted Baker are definitely the perfect companion to lose yourself in the bubbles with.

Have you used Ted Baker beauty products? Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments or tweet me.

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Hello 2015

Hi there!

Happy New Year! I am sorry it has taken me so long to write a new post, like everybody else I was taking some well deserved time off with my family and friends enjoying the festivities!

This Christmas, I travelled home to Bournemouth, by the seaside for just over a week and had the best time to round off a pretty amazing 2014. I somehow managed to complete my education and seal the deal with a journalism degree from The University of Sheffield, I moved out of my student house and into a beautiful flat with my boyfriend, went on holiday to the Dominican Republic where I swam with dolphins on my birthday, got my first full time job and I am actually, wait for it, starting to learn how to budget and value money a lot more.


With all this in mind, I am feeling pretty positive about the year ahead and for the first time in my life have actually made proper new year’s resolutions, (better late than never).

♡ Get fit | I know what you’re thinking ‘yeah, yeah and how long will that last?’ Well to be honest, I don’t actually know, but in this last week I have hit the treadmill a couple of times, been on winter walks and have vowed to take the stairs more – it’s a start anyway 🙂

♡ No more crisps | for someone who can easily munch and crunch three or four packets of Hula Hoops, Wotsits or Monster Munch a day without a second thought this is proving to be a challenge. So far so good though and I am five days crisp free!

♡ Blog more | I have absolutely loved creating my blog and cannot wait to meet more people in the blogging community.

♡ Be happy | on the first of January I joined in with #100daysofhappiness to keep me upbeat and positive in the long wait for the spring/summer months.

♡ Travel more | obviously I haven’t won the lottery (yet), but I am going to make sure I visit at least three new places this year, as well as revisiting some locations I am already in love with (aka Venice).

I will let you know how I get on, especially with the no crisp challenge (wahhh), how are you doing with your new year’s resolutions? Let me know in the comment box 🙂

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