Glastonbury Ticket Failure

Like tens of thousands of others on this October Sunday, I am in mourning.
No, I have not been dumped by my boyfriend, nor has my cat died (I didn’t want to jinx my rabbit so chose an animal I have no emotional attachment with), but I simply did not get Glastonbury tickets.

I woke up at the crack of dawn on what should have been a fine Autumnal Sunday to settle down in front of the laptop/iPad/phone/iPod, so basically any device I could get my hands on, to play the most stressful waiting game of all time. Like every other Glasto-hopeful, as the clock struck 9am I began an intense relationship with the refresh button.


As positivity dwindled with each passing second and a handful of people who quickly became the most hated people on earth, began to reveal their success via every single form of social media platform, the Glasto family appeared to be turning its back on me. Before long, in fact in record time at precisely 9:29am, the Glastonbury/See Tickets holding page revealed fresh information. It consisted of two words which every gig-goer and festival-fan dreads. Two words that are capable of destroying dreams and shattering 2015’s summer vibes . “Sold Out”. NOOOOOOOOOOO.

At that very moment a million (okay 10, very important) thoughts rushed through my mind.

♡ Denial | It can’t be true, it’s a hoax, an accident, a cruel and twisted joke.

♡ More denial | Maybe they will see that so many people were trying, and somehow find a way to release more.

♡ Anger | It’s not fair, life isn’t fair. Someone up there hates me. What have I done???

♡ Acceptance | It’s okay, everything will be okay. There is a resale in the spring and I will try everything in my power to snap up tickets.

♡ Moving on | Whilst I am on the internet, I may as well check in with Facebook and see what is going on in the world via Twitter.

♡ BAD MOVE | NOOOOOO. The world and his wife, the wife’s brother, the brother’s cousin and dog seemed to have managed to defy all odds and are currently planning their trip to Worthy Farm.

♡ Plotting | Is it worth losing friends over? Shall I make the wise move now and delete them from my page so that I don’t have to fight off the green eyed monster in nine months time when I see their pictures and statuses?

♡ Acceptance | Maybe I can just go to a different festival; I mean I’ve had a great time at them in the past, I guess.

♡ Confusion | But it won’t be the same will it? Maybe I should give up everything I know and join the circus.

♡ Exhaustion | There’s nothing I can do until the spring when I defy the almost impossible and enjoy much deserved success in the re-sale. Maybe a nap will do the trick, and who knows if I am really, really lucky, I may wake up and realise that the #glastonburystress was in fact just a dream.

♡ Judging by post 10 | I may be forever stuck in a vicious circle and simply be reentering the realms of denial). Either way, I think someone should set up a helpline and in the meantime, my thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you feeling sea-sick thanks to the rocky waves endured by the same Glastonbury-rejects boat.

Originally posted on Buzz Feed October 2014

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