July in Instagram

Hi Everyone!

You’ve probably heard everyone say this, but I can’t believe it’s August! It feels like the Easter bunny only visited five minutes ago and don’t even get me started on the fact Christmas has well and truly arrived at Selfridges (IKR?!)… *cough* back to summer… while July welcomed some absolutely beautiful weather, it also marked a whole year since I moved back home following my time in Sheffield and it has flown by! I have been on so many adventures in the past 12 months and spent a lot of time with my family and friends, so in general life has been pretty dandy 🙂

Anyway… I’ve never written a post like this before and got the idea from the lovely anniewritesbeauty, and despite all the Instagram updates drama, I’ve actually been LOVING the app more and more with every single post! I think it’s down to discovering the ColorStory editing app which you can read ALL about here, and how it has upped my Insta game.

I gave up with trying to create a ‘theme’ a little while ago and decided that life is colourful, life is fun and I love every single second of the journey, so why shouldn’t I document some of my favourite moments, exactly as they are?! Please note…this doesn’t mean that I am not envious of those who can create dreamy flatlays edited to perfection, because who secretly isn’t?!

However, I’m starting to feel like a proud little parent when it comes to my feed and while I never got A* in art at school, I like to think that my Instagram is becoming a pretty visual diary… so here’s a little look at what I got up to in July…

Instagram 1

As mentioned the sun found its hat and did indeed put it on and I am indeed still peeling – factor 20 clearly wasn’t enough, sorry for underestimating you England! 😉

Alex and I went on a double date with our friends Hannah and Joe. These delicious cocktails (can you guess which one mine was? Clue: It was called “PS I love you”) were made in a restaurant on Bournemouth pier named Aruba. It is possibly one of my absolute FAV places, so if you’re ever in town let me know and I’ll join you for a cocktail!

Uh oh, soppy post alert. Alex and I have been together three years and I couldn’t be without him, he’s my world. This snap was taken at his nanny’s 90th which was such a lovely celebration 🙂

Smoothies have become my new obsession. These beauties as you can probs tell were the strawberry and banana from Innocent and the new red SuperDay smoothie from Costa. Mmmmhmmm.

On that ridiculously hot day, yep you  know the one… my friends and I dashed to the beach after work. As we swam in the sea, we literally felt like we were in Greece! I love this arty photo, it’s such a lovely shot to remember the day.

July Instagram 2

Hengistbury Head is one of the most beautiful places in Dorset, just look at this sunset. It was one of those moments which made me feel alive, if you know what I mean?

Is this the prettiest doughnut ever?! Or is this the prettiest doughnut ever?!

There’s a beach theme here… The Wood Oven has just opened on Boscombe beach and my mouth is watering just thinking about their pizzas.

My boyfriend and I share a deep love for photography, this was our first outing down the beach with his new tripod.

I went to my brother’s graduation and we stopped off for a drink in All Bar One. It was a great day, and amazing to experience such a momentous occasion as a spectator after graduating myself. This cute tea set made the Insta cut and those smarties were gone in a flash!

Ahhh my Instax mini, a quick little pic to show my appreciation for this beauty.

July Instagram 3

Ever since we went to Amsterdam earlier in the summer, we have fallen back in love with cycling. This was taken at Moors Valley Country park, a place full of happy childhood memories for every single local!

These two gorgeous products, the Barry M quick dry nail polish, in freestyle and sleek matte lip cream, in petal were purchased in my summer-time beauty haul.

It seems like I only consumed pretty pink drinks this month. This one in particular kept me hydrated during the Wimbledon Men’s Final! 🙂

A delivery from nailbox.co.uk I am yet to review this subscription box and show you all the fabulous goodies, but I am saving one *special* item for an event in August. All will be revealed soon!

I saw Romeo and Juliet at the cinema which was streamed live from The Garrick theatre in London. Lily James and Richard Madden were outstanding and despite the whole showing being in black and white, I really enjoyed it, the effect increased the intensity of the play.

You know that saying, when you’re really happy stick your legs in the air? No? Me neither, but my BBF Becky and I were having a whale of a time on the swings pretending to be kids again!

July Instagram 4

A full shot of my beauty haul, I don’t know why I was spraying my face with hair spray all these years. The Infallible mist by L’Oreal works like a charm! I can highly recommend! *Just remember to shake the bottle and shake it again! When I first used it I had to restart my make-up as I found myself covered in white spots where the liquid had separated… let’s just say, it wasn’t my best look*

Mr Whippy is an ice-cream sensation.

YAY! A different coloured drink, celebrations were in order for my netball team as we won the league, so we went to a Mexican and drank a few (a lot) of cocktails!

Well that was a fun trip down memory lane (and now I realise where my money goes…)! Have you written any posts like this before? If so, make sure you link me, I would love to read them!

Finally, if we aren’t Insta friends already, we need to fix this! You will find me here.

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Summer Time Beauty Haul

Hi Everyone!

How are you all? It’s been a good while since I’ve blogged but it feels so refreshing to be back with a new post! Although I’ve been blogging on and off for about a year and a half I’ve never actually done a ‘haul post’, despite venturing out on many shopping sprees. So here’s a little look at which beauty products I’ve purchased lately…

mini haul

L’Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist £7.99

Now I can’t be the only girl who sprays her face with hair spray in a feeble attempt to ensure that her makeup lasts all evening. But I thought it was about time I started improving my skin care, by not clogging my pores and stinging my eyes, and instead paying more attention to using products for what they’re actually intended for. This wasn’t too pricey and smells absolutely divine and I am really looking forward to using it. I’m going out on a bike ride today, so will be able to sample it’s sweatability factor (it’s totally okay to invent words right?!) and I just need another excuse to hit the dance floor to test out its durability!

Barry M Quick Dry in the Shade ‘Freestyle’ £3.99

You know the story, if you’re right handed, you are some sort of nail varnish queen when it comes to painting your left hand. However the right is a whole different story in a whole different library. A silly wobbly mistake on one nail can quickly end in a handful of smudges, chips and disrepair. So thank the lord Barry M decided to invent a fabulous Quick Dry range. I picked up a nude colour in the shade ‘Freestyle’ to add to my growing collection. I already know this is going to be one of my go-to bottles when I want to freshen up my nails in under two minutes flat. If you’ve not tried this range yet, I highly recommend it (I’ve got my mum hooked too), the polishes are extremely affordable and there’s always an offer on in Boots and Superdrug too!

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Petal £4.99

You might have spotted a natural theme throughout this mini haul and this lip product joins the club. I’ve heard rave reviews about the Sleek collection and I’m so, SO excited to see how well this lasts on my lips! FullSizeRender

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome £8

I’ve loved The Body Shop skin care products since before I can remember, however I’ve never really thought too much about their makeup range until the last year or so and I am now a HUGE fan! Being a newbie to the world of highlighter (I know where have I been?) I put my desires to the good people of Twitter and was recommended either Sleek or The Body Shop highlighters (I asked for bank account friendly suggestions). There are three shades to choose from, a dark tone, pink blush and I bought the golden shimmery colour. It’s really subtle which I like, and I’m enjoying how well it blends with my blusher and how light it feels on my skin.

The Body Shop Face Base (All-in-One Foundation and Powder) £14

I’ve not used a powder in years (used to be a massive fan of Max Factor’s), so this purchase was a long time coming! I’ve only used this once, but I love how light and velvety it feels on my skin. Also, from one beauty lover to another, ALWAYS remember to check VoucherCodes or Voucher Cloud before heading to the till because you can ALWAYS find a voucher and you can quite often use them in conjunction with the sale in store too!


The Body Shop Lipscuff £8

I struggle with dry lips so much, despite owning about five thousand lip balms. I think it’s the weather and the constant need to drink more water. However after just one use, I am seriously impressed! My lips, especially my bottom one, are SO smooth. Although I am not a fan of mint, this lip product in particular is not overwhelming and leaves my lips feeling fresh and flake free. While it’s quite pricey, it will be interesting to see how long the Lipscuff lasts, although you can’t really put a price on silky smooth skin!

Thanks so much for reading my first post in a good while! I really appreciate every single one of you who takes the time out of your busy day to see what I’ve been up to!

Which beauty products have you been buying lately? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to know! XO

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JewelleryBox Review

Hi everyone! Welcome to twentysomethingxo and welcome back if you’ve been here before! This is weird because I am actually writing the introduction to this blog post, after I have written everything else, edited the pictures and added the tags etc. I was just too excited to get stuck in and share my love for jewellerybox with you!


Jewellerybox are an online retailer based in South London with a passion for beautiful sterling silver and 9ct gold jewellery at amazing prices, check out their website to see for yourself! They’ve taken the world by storm and although they’ve not even celebrated their second birthday yet, the jewellery company are already shipping worldwide!

So as you can imagine, when Gemma from the team contacted me*, my heart skipped a beat. I’ve seen their gorgeous packages, these scrumptious mini pegs and stylish little striped thread pop up on my Twitter & Instagram feed too many times to count.

I first heard about them through my two favourite sister bloggers, The Flower that Blooms, when they wrote about their new quirky and adorable dinosaur necklaces!

box again

As soon as I ripped the brown paper revealing the cutest four little parcels inside, I knew that from start to finish jewellerybox were an all round lovely company to have the pleasure of working with. Thought, love, care, pride, and a personal touch went into every single step of the experience. From Gemma and the team ensuring that my ring size was perfect, to matching me up with pieces which I would instantly fall for, to being spot on with communication and delivery, I can’t recommend the retailer enough!

Anyway, onto the jewellery itself… Silver has always been my go to metal for all things pretty and I was over the moon to have received such lovely pieces!

The first surprise were these dainty, stud earrings with a heavenly light sapphire blue crystal. I’ve never had a pair of Andralok earrings before (see the full style here), but was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and secure they feel. After a little Googling (as you do) I discovered that this type of earring back was invented for those who preferred to wear jewellery without small components, genius hey?! Plus, sometimes when I wear butterfly backs I have to admit that I can put them on too tight, so these make a refreshingly gorgeous change!

blue studs edited lighht

What I like most about the rings is that they are elegant, simplistic and go best when stacked on one finger. I’ve so fallen in love with my little combination of a classic silver band and infinity symbol, that I have barely taken them off since I first laid eyes on them! 🙂

The adjustable style is ideal for me. Being so precious, yet so small I always worry that rings may fall off, but this element is a dream come true as I can tighten and loosen the rings for the perfect fit.


Finally these white teardrop studs are so angelic, their beauty speaks for themselves. I’ve got a few exciting events coming up and this sophisticated pair coupled with my stunning new rings are my favourite new accessories!

tear studs

Thanks so much to the lovely Gemma and the team at jewellerybox for spoiling me! Come pay day I will be popping back on the website to add a few more pieces to my collection. 🙂

Have you got any lovely pieces from jewellerybox? If you’ve written about them please link me in the comments box. Also, I would love to hear which pieces from the collection you have added to your wishlist!

*I was gifted this jewellery to feature on my blog and all opinions are my own. 

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Is This the PERFECT Editing App for Bloggers?!

Instagram, for me, has been such a tricky platform to “get right” and judging by the amount of Twitter chats about themes, apps, posting frequency, spam followers, flatlays, lighting etc I don’t seem to be the only one who has been left bedazzled recently.

After using an identical filter on all my pictures, abusing the brightness setting, adding a white frame, doing my best to accomplish the magical ways of VSCO cam and following those who seem to have cracked the code, I found myself in an Instagram rut and confused about what “looks good”.

lunch hengistbury

I know what you’re thinking, does it reeeallly matter whether your pics are perfect? Isn’t it just about sharing photos and happy memories? Well yes, unless you’re a blogger. At the end of the day each and every one of us, (whether you admit it or not) would go to the ends of the Earth for an amazing theme, it helps drive traffic to our blog and also looks pretty darn cool if you ask me.

I think it’s partly due to the most successful bloggers leading the way in the Instagram world, but that it’s also down to the fact that blogging really does teach us a whole set of different skills – one being photography. We are learning the technical terms, the power of lighting, how to use Photoshop etc, inside and out and so why wouldn’t we want to post a photo of which we’re proud of?

While I am a million miles from achieving something that looks as though it has been published in a magazine, I have found an app which at least makes me happy – and that at the end of the day is what truly matters.

I no longer look back on a photo the day after I post it and think “My god why did I think that filter did that photo any justice?!” or “what was I thinking when I cranked up the saturation?!”

Instead, I am pretty content with how my feed is shaping up…

Untitled design (6)

Anyway… the app in question is ColorStory. You only have to look at their Instagram page to appreciate the magic it can do.

Described as being able to “create fresh photos, bright whites and colours that pop”, this is the perfect app for those of you who want to step up your insta game.

At the moment, I am just using the free features on the app, with my favourite filters being “Disco Ball” and “Mimosa” from the “Good Vibes” collection and “Pop” and “Ice Ice” from the Essentials package.

However, following the ColorStory’s app itself, I am now lusting after every other filter going.

The app is SO simple to use and once you’ve made your edits you can easily save your photos to your camera roll or post them straight on social media. What’s more, if you use the hashtag #acolorstory the team might just pick up your photo and credit you on their account!

PLUS once you strike gold with your perfect combination of filters, you can save the editing steps to use again on future photos.

Untitled design (7)

Finally, there’s good news for Android users! Currently the app is only available on iOS but the team are in the process of making the finishing touches to your version of the app too…! 🙂

Have you used Color Story before? What are your favourite filters?

Make sure you check out more of my edits on my Instagram page here and if you are looking for more advice on how to improve your photos check out this post too.

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